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Events And Festivals In The Circuit


A respite from the mind-numbing routine of your life, Tarang is central India’s biggest youth jamboree where the essence of culture and tradition is redefined every year. With thousands of entries coming in, Tarang showcases some of the best talents and art forms.

Makar Sankranti

This vibrant and vivid kite flying festival sees the exuberance of Jabalpur flying high in the sky. With unaccountable kites, Til Laddoos and Gond folk dance, resplendent sky kisses the night. The pomp and grandeur are ceaseless during the festival, especially the night lanterns in the blue.


The queer name comes with queer practises of eating stale food for an entire day.  The idea is to not light fire for a day.  Nevertheless, the festival calls for some scrumptious home-cooked food delicacies that one wouldn’t find anywhere else.

Maa Narmada Aarti

This Narmada aarti is set to send chills down your spine. Standing on the porch and hearing priest chanting praises of the deity will ignite a fire in your heart, goosebumps on your skin, and piety in your soul which will linger in your mind for days. Welcome aboard!


Rejoicing the presence of Goddess Durga, Jabalpur unites to perform several forms of dance- Gond tribal dance, matki, phulpati, giridaand, garba etc. Abandoning the lacklustre practices, Jabalpur rejuvenates every year with these performances at every nook and corner. Merriment stays in the air.

Gala Weekend Celebration

Light and sound show, mass walks, photography competition, folk dance war and food festival- such is the way of the carnival to thwart weekend ennui. The entire market runs repertoire of happiness, camaraderie and devotedness.

Eco Tourism Festival

A chief decathlon where trekking and camping are emboldened to boost the tourism of city, along with building strong ties with the eco standards.

Jheel Mahotsav-

Honing the adventure in a landlocked area, Jheel Mahotsav is the love of every buccaneer. Enthralling water sports which will put your heart on race is an aesthetic site to watch.


The electrifying environment during Muharram is gratis to the people and the city. Jabalpur is captivated with gripping moments of fête during Muharram.

Tulasi Vivah

The ceremonial festival of the marriage of Tulasi to God Vishnu. Hindus of the town gets involved in the carousing of the event, especially the tribal people, to whom Tulasi is a sacred plant. Several dances are performed and the typical godly food is cooked.