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5 Places Of Historical Importance

Ghuguya Fossil Park-

A rather palpable amalgamation of highly accredited fossils of plants, leaves, fruits, seeds and shell fossils can be found. Some of its fossils are one of its kinds and the only one present in the world of its type. This is an exciting place for history fanatics.

Clock Tower-

The mere descry of the tower will assure you about the fact that it’s one of the oldest possessions of the city, yet has the magnetism to leave you captivated. When decorated during the prime festivals, the aura spreads afar.

Shaheed Smarak-

As they say it, the monument is built on the bones and blood of those who sacrifices their lives for the nation. For all the martyred souls of India, Shaheed Smarak was inaugurated by the first prime minister of India. Today it hosts several cultural and political activities.

High Court –

The architecture of the edifice dates back to 1886 and come with several embellishments from the British Raj. The entire designing has been done by the British themselves and constructed by Raja Gokul Das. Thus, with the use of mixed limestone unaccountable baroque, ornamental towers & cornices have been constructed.

Madan Mahal Fort-

An architectural masterpiece from the Gond dynasty, the fort was constructed by the Gond ruler himself. During their reign, the fort served as a watch tower, building a panoramic view of the entire vicinity. Watching sunrise and sunset from here is a privilege.