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5 Cafes And Bakeries To Sit And Chill

Malaya Cafe, Bandhavgarh-

As intimidating as its name, the delicious food of this place will make you want to dive in it. Starting from INR 10, at Malaya you’ll love the coffee, lemongrass, tea and porridge. Don’t forget to eat the lentils cake.

Coffee Culture –

The Ristorante Lounge, Jabalpur- Ab aesthetically pleasing ambiance to compliment to a myriad range of coffee and mouthwatering snack will take you to your Irish escapade in seconds. You’d remain bewildered with the outstanding services and such an easy price.

Indian Coffee House, Jabalpur –

Congealing the magnificence of British by withholding with an architecture that draws reminisces  of bygones, IHC Jabalpur has become the pertinent source of good food, coffee and pleasing experiences.

Kipling Cafe, Kanha National Park –

Adorned with the arboreal paraphernalia, Kipling will put kick-ass food on your plate. And not just that, Kipling is going to serve you the best food in the middle of a Jungle, quite literally.

Brewberrys Café-

Have some coffee here and get hooked for the rest of your life. The kind of scrumptious and luscious burger they serve is beyond one’s imagination. This coffee bar is different is distinctive and serves coffee with an everlasting smell. Coffee lovers, go jump!