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10 Religious Spots In The Circuit

Chausat Yogini Temple-

The edifices of this temple belong to the bygones of Indian history; the 10th century. After conquering a whooping number of 150 steps, one reaches the temple’s premises, where awaits deity Durga and her 64 aides.

Narmada River Puja, Jabalpur-

Attending Narmada River Aarti is a privilege many people die for.  With the drumming dholak, stupefying aura, electrifying chants and everything about this event are thrilling. You’re not likely to experience anything like this.

Narmada Udgam Temple, Amarkantak-

River Narmada is said to start her journey from this accredited spot, thus touching the paramount of holiness. Somehow this has become the holy grail of all devotees.

Christ Church-

A rather appeasing edifice that stands erected in the middle of the town is a gift from 1843, a part of which has been converted in a school.  With an interesting history and even thought-provoking architecture, the church is a gleaming charisma of the city.

English Church –

Over the years, the church has evolved from a holy shrine to a school and now to a well-regarded tourist destination. Coming from 1886, English Church is huge. Adding to the beauty of the church is the enriched flora in the backdrop.

Mandi Madar Tekri-

Surviving in the Muslim dominated area of the city, Mandi Madar Tekri is rich with arched doors and Mughal architecture. In a full moon light, it’s not less than any wonder of the world. The roof and the interiors of the mosque are built with exciting designs.

Supataal Masjid-

Rose through the 16th century, Supataal Masjid is one of the oldest in the town. The tall gigantic architecture of the mosque is breathtaking. Till date, minarets are performed conscientiously and in high numbers. You have to see the brilliance.

Gurudwara Marataal-

Some say that this gurudwara is an exemplar of the fact that Guru Nanak Dev came here to shower his blessings over the town. The building conversely belongs to the end of 1946 and, as a result, the oval shape shrine has pomp like no other.

Mudiya Math-

Looks like Mudiya Math was one of the highly illustrious Buddhist sanctuaries.  With absolutely no statues or idols made of stone are present in the temple, though the edifice is built of stone. Upholding ties with the 13th century, temple’s architecture is marvelous.

Tripur Sudari-

A tale of Tripurasur’s slaughter is knitted with the history of the temple. During Navratri the temple sees massive thronging of devotees.  The interior of the temple stands a class apart from the rest of the allies.