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With holy Narmada passing through the magnificent marble rocks, Bedhaghat is a truly welcoming site. This small village about 25kms from Jabalpur gives the tourists an opportunity to experience boating, surrounded by the beauty of natural rock formations.

About the locals:  Bedhaghat being a small village consists of simple and really down-to-earth people. The locals are really helpful and are more than glad to share some fascinating information about the place as a plus to your trip.

Sightseeing: The places that would be a treat to your eyes are the marble rocks with its magnesium-limestone cliffs changing colors in different lights, particularly impressive by moonlight and the Dhuandhar waterfalls with its smoke-flow like feeling along with the Chausat Yogini Temple lending you its divine aura.

Places to stay

Some of the most amazing hotels providing you a splendid view would be Motel marble rocks, Ankit Hotel and Vrindavan Gopala Resort & Restaurant.

Places to Eat

The places to resolve your hunger issues would be Gopala restaurant and Haveli restaurant and garden.

Travel tips

As boating remains closed from July to September you should choose any other month to go to Bedhaghat. The best time to explore the place would be from 6 AM to 7 PM during all week days.

Tourist Information Counter
Railway Station Building, Jabalpur
Tel: 0761-2677690
E-mail: tojabalpur@mptourism.com