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11 Offbeat Food Joints And Roadside Eateries

Ravi Alpahar, Indore-

The true kernel of Indori food can only be found at a place that serves with their heart. Ravi Alpahar in Anand Bazaar will bring out the best of kachori and sabudana khichdi.

Lal Balti ki Kachori, Indore-

Indore stands a class apart when it comes to samosas and kachories, and Lal Balti is one step ahead of that lusciousness; little spice and sweetness for you.

Lotus, Indore-

Famous for their coffee and delicious baked samosa’s, Lotus hut situated in the heart of the city, is a hot spot of all the food junkies. An open-air seating adds to its aura.

Johny Hot Dog, 56 Dukaan, Indore-

Johny makes cutting edge veg hot dogs which could easily challenge any high-end non-veg burger for that matter; of course, their non-veg hot dog is beyond description.

Sapna Sandwich, Indore-

The kind of grilled sandwiches that they serve are highly tasty, tangy, cheesy, spicy, buttery and unique. One has to control the drool while there.

Dhenu Market Pav Bhaji, Indore –

Mumbai ki pav-bhaji won’t hold a torch against this lip smacking awesomeness. Just right with the spice and savoury, this dish is bound to make you woosh!

Mhow Kulfi, Indore-

Once this kulfi melts in your mouth, you wouldn’t love any other desert in the world. The famous kulfi of Mhow in Kothari Market is rich in essence and will leave you wanting more.

Mhow chowpati-

Mhow is a food hogger’s paradise. Namkeen and sweets from Bhavrilal will touch your taste buds and change the experience for ever. Spicy and savoury kachori from Shankar is another legendary food delicacy!

Ghamandi Lassi, Indore-

You haven’t tasted heaven if you haven’t had this famous lassi. The sweetest of sweets would lose its charm here; thick godliness in a glass with nuts, dry fruits, cream and a lot more interesting stuff.

Tower Chowk-

Food dealers standing in a queue for as far as you can see is indeed a jaw-dropping experience. Addendum to it is the delightful eating experience; Sabudana khichdi, chaat, juices, kachori, samosa and every snack you’d wish for.

Wanna Puff, Rau-

A zigzag trail takes you atop the hill, to this restaurant that undoubtedly serves the best Italian and authentic Indian food in the locality. An open roof surrounded by bamboo sticks and tendrils is waiting for you.