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Bandhavgarh in Summers

29 May, 2016

It’s May already and the temperatures have been continually rising. It appears that the sun is in no mood to chill. And with breaks in colleges and schools, the condition can make anyone want to take a break and rest in the glories of nature.

But, where in this summer can one find refuge in the nature? Well, one option is, not too far from anywhere and not too harsh on your pocket either, Bandhavgarh National Park; situated right in the heart of India, Madhya Pradesh.

Okay, now you must be thinking that I am out of my mind for suggesting you to visit Bandhavgarh National Park during the heights of summer. The time when temperatures peak at 40 degrees Celsius and when most of the ponds vanish into thin air (evaporation, you see).


See people, summers are the time when most of the ponds dry up and so there are very and very less number of ponds in the jungle. Therefore, most of the animals concentrate near those left over ponds. And as a result, one might be able to see the real charm of the jungle i.e. the tigers and spotted deer, the sloth bears out from their slumbers , mama tigresses with their cubs at dawn and dusk, birds flocking near river. The whole jungle lights up (literally, with sun over your head), a perfect time when the jungle book opens for you to read.


Another advantage of visiting Bandhavgarh National Park during the months of May and June is that with heat level up, most of the bushes and trees dry up, making it easier to watch animals (un-)camouflaged in the bushes. This is especially advantageous because spotting a deer or tiger in the jungle is rare. And, one is considered lucky if he/she spots them during their trip.

This time is useful, especially for animal lovers and photographers with animals concentrating near ponds. And if you miss to visit Bandhavgarh during this time then you have to wait till October for it to reopen. Why wait this long? The experience of summer’s trip can be experienced only in summer.


The jungle book experience in the library of Bandhavgarh is only one aspect of the National Park. How can one forget about the Bandhavgarh Fort? The fort from which the national park derived its name. The trek-junkies can exercise their skills here. Bandhavgarh is laced with hills and hillocks. And on one such hills, the fort situated. The 3-4 km trek will lead you to the hilltop where the view of the entire jungle is breathtaking. Not just the view of the jungle but the view of the vultures and their nests. Another reason for photography lovers to visit. The architectural guys can find the rock cut structures of temples and stone engraved sculptures of gods and goddesses. It is said these stone carvings and rock structures date back to more than 2nd century AD. One could find himself/herself slowly drifting back to the era of kings and queens, and wars.

So, in a nutshell, Bandhavgarh has something for anyone and everyone. It is the beauty of the Madhya Pradesh that offers itself wholeheartedly to us. And, it is our duty to protect her, her beauty and her children of the forests.

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