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Unbeatable shopping experience in Madhya Pradesh!

30 December, 2015

With a diverse culture, supreme heritage and matchless scenic beauty, the state of Madhya Pradesh is definitely one of the most enchanting tourist destinations for people all across the world. Beautiful monuments, exquisite wildlife preservation and a huge plethora of handicrafts made by the local tribes here, add to its magnificence. Undoubtedly, the state promises a remarkable shopping experience to all especially when you are on a walk through the local bazaars in cities like Bhopal, Indore, Jabalpur and Gwalior.

Madhya Pradesh is exclusively famous for ‘muslins’ which are one of the finest products of local craftsmen. The practice is still alive and muslins can be found both uniquely as well as in a blended form with traditional Maheshwari and Chanderi saris. The striking metal and iron crafts of Madhya Pradesh are sure to catch your attention and the one of its kind jewellery and exclusive handicrafts found here are appealing. Beyond doubt, Madhya Pradesh offers a ceaseless shopping spree to all its visitors, no matter what they would be looking for. With hundreds of shops and myriad traditional handicraft fairs organized all round the year, the state sells almost everything. Be it home decors, hangings, traditional dresses, elite floorings and furniture etc., the state offers a huge assortment to choose from. You can shop for most of these in a traditional ambience at ‘Mrignayani’ which is a Government owned Emporia in Madhya Pradesh and make your shopping an unforgettable one!


Sucheta Mehra

For Mptravelogue.com

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