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Pandava Caves and Fall: Panna, Madhya Pradesh

30 December, 2015

Pandava Cave was visited by the Pandavas during their exile. Pandava Cave and Falls is some 20 km from the Panna Tiger Reserve, 34 km from Khajuraho and en-route to Panna city. When I started descending towards the falls the first thing I noticed was the protective iron railings all through the way that looked like the edge of a gorge.Beyond the railings there was a breathtaking oval shaped valley and a serene lake of emerald colored water. This lake is supposed to be more than 100 ft deep. As per legend, Arjun cut the rocks by his arrows to make way for the flow of fresh water into the lake.

One thing that surprised me was the water flowing continuously in-between the mountains, not from the top.As I started descending I saw the slate rocks all over my right side. The left side was a lake area and about the middle of a rock, a stream of Ken River was making its way to the lake. Look further left and one can notice some caves on the other side of the lake.

There are five caves which were supposedly used by the five Pandava’s. The five shrines are also built by locals in front of those caves. There is one cave below at the water level. It is supposed to be the bedroom of Draupadi, the wife of five Pandavas.

Probably this serene environment and the fresh sparkling water of the river Ken must have given them a good time and it was not as bad as we get to know through the stories of Mahabharata.
The beauty of this place left me mesmerized. The mixed feeling of being a part of history and witnessing the miracle of nature gave me a sense of fulfillment.

I stayed at Jungle Camp which is located next to the entrance of the Panna Tiger Reserve. Jungle Camp was tented accommodation with a proper wooden door. The room was air-conditioned with a double bed, cable connection and excellent washroom facilities. The charge includes the breakfast and dinner. Ken River Lodge was an ideal setup at the bank of River Ken, in complete isolation. The entire property is made of woods and surrounded by forest. A rustic charm is a prime advantage of this place.

The best eating option in Panna is the Machanor the tree-house restaurant of the Ken River Lodge. The restaurant serves excellent Indian buffet meals and is particularly known for their tandoori items.

Amit Kumar (NCR Delhi)

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