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Popular as the city of lakes, Bhopal is the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. Nestled amidst seven hills and on the banks of two lakes, the city is thriving with the legacy of its Mughal rulers and is blessed with ample pulchritude. The city is a perfect blend of rich art forms, culture and traditions. Found by King Bhoj in 11th century AD, Bhopal was reined successively by four generations of Begums (Queens). The city yields a profuse cultural and traditional hub for visitors from around the Globe.


The splendid museums, art galleries, lakes, historical monuments, magnificent architecture take you to an era of grandeur and affluence. Therefore we have mustered a gist of all that this buoyant city has to offer. So if you happen to be in Bhopal or nearby, do not miss these places because if you do, you might end up feeling rueful.

Top 10 must visit places in Bhopal

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Serene Stupas of Sanchi

Located at a 50 km drive from Bhopal, the place houses age-old stupas that marked the emergence of Buddhism in India. Apart from the splendour of nature, a trip to Sanchi is bound to stir your aesthetic side.

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Brilliant caves of Bhimbetka

About 35 km from Bhopal the ancient rock shelters of Bhimbetka illustrate life in the Neolithic age in its exemplary rock paintings.

Tribal Museum, Bhopal

Here, you will see different cultures, customs and rituals of our tribes- the Gonds, Bharias, Korku, Sahariya, Bhil, Baiga and Kol– the museum is a rich repository of traditional aesthetics and artworks! Sculpted and styled by more than 1500 artists and craftsmen, hailing from remote corners of the state like Jhabua, Dindori, Alirajpur and other districts, the museum is nothing short of a ‘communication tool’ disseminating beliefs and traditions of the indigenous people! This is surely not less than paradise on Earth!

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Uber Upper Lake

In the western zone, lies this huge water reservoir of the city, commonly known as the Upper Lake. Dated back to the 11th century, the lake offers not only a splendid sight to its visitors but also caters to water sport enthusiasts by offering Paddling, Rowing and Motorboats to indulge in.

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Museum of Mankind

Also known as Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya, a tribute to the Tribal communities, this museum is one of a kind in the entire world. The museum shelters striking artifacts and specimens hailing from varied Tribal villages of India. Spread across 200 acres of land, the museum consists of an open air gallery and exhibition for the visitors.

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The Crown of Mosques and indeed it stands true to its name. Taj-ul-Masjid, the largest mosque of the city portrays the spectacular Mughal Architecture, a legacy of the Mughal rulers.

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DB City Mall

One of the largest malls of Madhya Pradesh is DB City Mall located at Arera Hills, Bhopal. The Mall stands host to numerous clothing and retail brands into the city and consists of a huge variety of high end stores and food chain outlets.

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Chatori Gali

This Street crammed with shops on either sides, selling mouth-watering varieties of meat and fish is a utopia for meat lovers from all across the world. The food is piquant and racy and is available at modest prices. The place specializes in Kebabs and Tikkas and is therefore a hot spot for people who wish to relish ethnic Indian food.

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Van Vihar National Park

A glimpse of raw nature, rejuvenating sights and tantalizing wildlife sums up the entire experience of the park. The dense vegetation serves an apt habitat for varied species of animals and birds. One of the prime attractions of the park is the White Tiger that lures visitors from around the globe.

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Bharat Bhavan

A pivotal museum and center for visual and performing arts, Bharat Bhavan is a must visit for art lovers and enthusiasts from all over the globe. The superb landscaping and interactive activities of visual, performing and vocal arts add to the splendour of this famed museum.

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