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10 Places To Eat And Drink

eat and drink

Crystal, Jabalpur-

On a day when your taste buds are at their craziest, come and visit Crystal in Jabalpur; a hotspot for virtuous dining. The ambiance and the food- it is indubitably the best place in Jabalpur.

Best Choice, Jabalpur-

Indeed a luminary food joint when it comes to the credibility between the name and services- Best Choice does offer the best food at an affordable price. Do visit here for one of the crunchiest and juicilicious burger ever.

Kalchuri Residency, Jabalpur-

Situated at a walking distance from Jabalpur Railway Station, Kalchuri has its own coterie which comes here more often than not, only for the love of food.

The Yellow Chilli, Jabalpur-

The abiding legend of food- The motto of this place is to bring extraordinary tastes on every platter. If you want something irreplaceable on your plate, come here.

The Roopali Restaurant, Jabalpur-

The tradition and delicacies of this place rules over the trend of fusion between classic and contemporary. It’s a 100% vegetarian food outlet which opts for distinctive methods of cooking- only to leave an everlasting impression.

Indian Coffee House-

It goes without saying that Jabalpur loves ICH and so would every person who’ll visit this place. Selling at an unbelievable price, one can always hog on their quick snacks and coffee.

Moti Mahal-

If you are low on cash, high in number and higher in hunger, Moti Mahal awaits your presence. With authentic Indian cuisines, especially Punjabi dishes, you really owe a visit to the restaurant.

70 MM Dining-

Solace for a gastronomist and a place which can urge any well fed to eat, 70 MM is more than just a food station. With distinctive interiors that embrace posters of Bollywood stars or the hut like structure that accommodates 6 people at a time- 70MM is one of its kinds.


Haveli will take you on a trip to the exotic bygones of India wherein you will be served with lavish scrumptious food with utter diligence. You wouldn’t feel less than a king with the regal setting, services and royalness of the cuisines.


Soliciting a break in this fast moving life? Here it is. Machan, known to only a few people is a village-theme based food joint located at the edge of Jabalpur on the way to Bhedaghat. This place is a heavenly haven for food lovers.