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So, you’re one of the self-obsessed species that can resist over a dozen things but the front camera of their cellphone! Especially for you, ten places in the heart of Incredible India that’d provide a stunning background to your selfies!


1. Dhoopgarh

The highest point of the state is definitely atop the list offering a phenomenal selfie at the time of sunset, overlooking from the pinnacle to mystic Satpura valleys and endless plains.


2. Bhedaghat

High rising marble rocks on each side, a waterfall draped in mist and a majestic river in mighty youth. What more does a perfect selfie ask for? Forget not your HD front cam!

Bandhavgarh Tiger 4

3. Bandhavgarh

Capture yourself in authentic wilderness while on a safari in Bandhavgarh. Nothing beats a selfie in the woods!


4. Maheshwar

Self obsess in the abode of a grand fort at Maheshwar’s archaic ghat that lured even the biggest film stars and foreigners residing seven seas afar! A selfie here shall be not only cool but purely magnificent.


5. Sanchi

How about a selfie with a UNESCO world heritage site? Yes, the stupa at Sanchi is no less than a man made marvel. Built sometime between third century BC and twelfth century AD, this well-preserved stupa is an outstanding specimen of art and architecture.


6. Keoti falls

Snap a whooping waterfall of 130 metres with yourself. Located in Rewa district on Mahana River, Keoti successfully makes the list of India’s highest waterfalls. Who would be able to resist a selfie!


7. Mitawali, Morena

Capture yourself with this impeccable architectural gem lying right in the heart of India- Mitawali! The design of the country’s Parliament was apparently inspired from it. Are you game for a powerful selfie?

Jaam Darwaza

8. Jaam Darwaza

A monsoon paradise near Mhow and a hotspot amongst youngsters due to its breathtaking location and serene environment, atop Jaam Darawaza you will click the greenest selfie; here nature remains at the peak of its beauty, at every angle!


9. Patalpani

A popular weekend getaway among the locals of Indore, Patalpani is 30 km from the city. It offers a spectacular view of the majestic waterfall.


10. Gwalior Fort

There are fair chances that the grandeur and majesty of this place may make you unnoticeable in the picture, but one selfie here and the likes will be no less than 200, we bet!

Swapnil Gaur
For mptravelogue.com

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