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Top 10 Epicurean Food Places Not to Be Missed in Madhya Pradesh!

-The delightful cuisine of Madhya Pradeshleaves its travellers craving for more. Apart from the colourful culture and heritage one must also take a tour of the culinary marvels of this region. Madhya Pradesh not only offers great Restaurants with delightful delicacies but also excels in the sumptuous street food. From its Desserts to its Drinks, everything about the palate here is so ravishing you will be coming back for more, every time you taste it.
You will need to travel to the Heart of India to relish its most colourful and vibrant cuisine. The cuisine here is diverse just like its people and culture. Madhya Pradesh has something for everyone, be it the tempting varieties of Meat like Kebabs and Seekh or the vegetarian delights of Daal Baati. Be it the tangy trickles of Chaat or the heavenly drizzles of its Sweets. From the appetizers to snacks to the main course everything is bound to take your taste buds on a flavoursome ride. To ease your search for some of the most exquisite food items of Madhya Pradesh we have brought an assortment of ten such eateries above that are never to be missed!

1. Madni Darbaar, Indore:Mughlai Majesty

Widely celebrated for its richness, Mughlai food is a sumptuous blend of exotic spices, dried fruit and nuts. Madni Darbaar located near the Sarwate Bus Stand; Indore fascinates a huge number of Mughlai Cuisine lovers from around the region. The restaurant is renowned for its varieties of Meat and Biryanis.


2. Manohar Dairy and Restaurant, Bhopal: Delectable Desserts!

Known for its Curries and Kebabs, Bhopal is no less than delightful for the vegetarian clans as well. Manohar Dairy and Restaurant is one of the most favoured eateries of Bhopal. The place is well acknowledged for its indulgent Sweets and varieties of North Indian and South- Indian cuisines.


3. Kwality, Gwalior: Intriguingly Indian!

Kwality Restaurant is one of the most popular dine-out places of Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh. The place is famed for its ethnic Indian food and its vegan verities. The food includes traditional Indian Curries, Salads, Pickles and much more to the platter.

4. Options, Jabalpur: Bollywood Blend

Options provides the perfect setting for devouring Indian cuisine in pleasing environment while being entertained by popular pop music and tracks from Bollywood. The place offers delicious Indian cuisine and Chinese with an Indian twist.

5. Indore Kulfi House: Perfect Pav Bhaaji!

Indore being the utopia for food enthusiasts never fails to lure your foodie out because of the appetizing delights it has to offer. Indore Kulfi house located at RNT Marg is one of those places you shouldn’t be missing at all. The place serves peppery and mouth-watering Pav Bhaji along with the most flavourful and refreshing kulfis.

6. Saraafa Bazaar, Indore: Tantalizing Treats of Twilight!

The day time jewellery market turns into the most vibrant food market of Madhya Pradesh just as twilight strikes Indore. The Shops here serve mouth watering Chaats with robust flavours and lip smacking regional dishes that no one can beat- Garadu, Malpua, Dahi Vada, Sabudana Khichdi, Barf ka Gola and lot more!The place is thriving with a huge number of street shops and movable eateries from around the city.

chappan indore

7. Chhappan Dukaan, Indore:Fanatical Flavours!

The place is like an anthology of the best food joints of the city of Indore. Chhappan Dukaan is famous for its wide variety of food items many of which have emerged here. The appetizing grub initiates from breakfast to snacks to complete meals. No delicacy is spared here you name it and you will be able find it, probably the best you have ever had.

8. Chatori Gali, Bhopal:Mouth Watering Meat

Chatori Gali in Bhopal is a dream come true for meat lovers. The place is always flowing with a huge crowd of foodies and a myriad of robust and rustic meat and fish varieties. The Kebabs and other meaty varieties offer a fete to your taste buds. The place is widely known for its tender Hamburgers, Tangy Seekh and robust Kebabs.

ss kachoriwala gwalior

9. S.S. Kachoriwala, Gwalior: Krusty Kachoris

Kachori is a staple breakfast item of Gwalior and nobody dishes up better than S.S. Kachoriwala. The sight of Crisp Brown Kachoris being taken out of the pan itself is mouth watering and is bound to give your taste buds a joy ride when relished with the traditional Chutneys. The place is also famed for its Jalebis that will make you swoon in the first bite and lusting for more.

civic centre chat-india--therewillbeasia

10. Chaupatty Civic Centre, Jabalpur: Savoury Snacks

The Civic Centre Chaupatty is a spectacular blend of a number of street side shops serving the most scrumptious delights to please your appetite as well as the ever adventurous taste buds. The chaupatty has a varied assortment of Indian snacks like Bhel, Sandwiches, and Chinese with a touch of Indian and South Indian cuisine.
Some more eating places that are not worth missing at all, include- Ramu Dada ka Barf Gola in old Bhopal, Ghamandi Lassi in Indore, Guru Kripa in Indore, Dhenu Market Pav Bhaji in Indore, Sagar Gaire- Cycle soup wala turned into a mouth watering food joint in Bhopal. Why don’t you all list some of your favourite places?

Zahra Gulrez For mptravelogue.com

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