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THE SMOKEY CASCADE: Dhuandhar Falls, Jabalpur

Dhuan implies Smoke. The Dhuandhar Falls stand true to its name, water plunging on hard rocks generates visuals of smoke arising from the river bed. Hence the name Dhuandhar Falls. The plunge is so powerful that its roar can be heard from a distance and the water materializes into milky white along with water droplets forming a misty spectacle all around it. Dhuandhar Falls are located at Bhedaghat which is at a distance of 30km from Jabalpur and is easily accessible by road.

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Dhoopgarh seated in the Satpura Mountain Ranges at Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh is home to exhilarating spectacles of sunrises and sunsets. Dhoopgarh is situated at a height of 4,429 feet above sea level and being the highest point of the ranges offers breathtaking scenarios from its viewing galleries.  Vivid spells of the Sun God and stunning splendours of the valleys call upon its visitors.

rajat fall

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SILVER DOWNPOUR: Rajat Prapat Falls, Pachmarhi

Rajat Prapat or Silver Falls popularly known as The Big Falls is located at an adventurous trek from the base of Pachmarhi, Madhya Pradesh. Being the 30th highest fall in India, it unveils a huge Horsetail like fall plunging in a single drop of 107 metres (351 feet). The moment sunlight hits the fall it glistens like Silver and hence the name.
It is a 7km trek from the base of the fall to the point where one can admire the innate

allure of the place.

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SOLACE OF THE FIRST INDIAN PRESIDENT: Rajendragiri Sunset Point, Pachmarhi

Rajendragiri is a quaint place offering a panoramic view of Pachmarhi. Named after Dr. Rajendra Prasad, this point was developed to honour his memory and his frequent visits to Pachmarhi. A vibrant garden with its natural backdrop provides the visitors a sweet lull away from the hassles of everyday life. When visiting Pachmarhi, a trip to the Rajendra giri provides a much needed hiatus for the adventure loving travellers.

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If scintillating sunsets, a cup of coffee and a rejuvenating breeze is your thing then Lakeview CCD, Bhopal is your place to go to. Situated on a hillock this Cafe Coffee Day establishment couldn’t have acquired a better spot, right in front of the boat club providing a breathtaking view of the lake, this one makes the cut for one of the best places to hang out and relax while marvelling at all that nature has to offer.
Located at TT Nagar, inside the boat club, Bhopal it is easily accessible once you have reached Bhopal, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh.

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The ruins of Mandavgarh or present day Mandu, a fortified city call upon the lovers of Architecture and admirers of the intrinsic splendours of the region. Lying in the Malwa region of western Madhya Pradesh, the town of Mandu is perched upon the Vindhya Ranges with an elevation of 633 metres (2079 feet). The palaces of Mandu not only give you a glimpse of the timeless and iconic architecture of its time but also infuse an admiration for its natural allure. The panoramic views of the valleys, lush green forests, and glistening sunsets are bound to captivate your hearts.
Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Palace, Jami Masjid, Rewa Kund, Roopmati’s Pavilion and Baaz Bahadur’s Palace are some of the enticing monuments one must visit when in Mandu.

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THE SPECTACULAR PLATEAU: Bamni Dadar, Kanha National Park

At the very core of India’s most magnificent national park, Kanha lays its famed sunset point Bamni Dadar celebrated for its breathtaking panoramic view of the opulent forestland of Kanha reserves and providing the spectacle of many endangered species of animals like the Sambar, Barking deer, Gaur and Four Horned Antelope.
Known as the sunset point of the park, Bamni Dadar never fails to allure one of its spectacular sunsets amidst the flora and fauna of the park.

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Based on the outskirts of the commercial capital of Madhya Pradesh- Indore, Sirpur Lake is a sight worth catching while in Madhya Pradesh. Sirpur Lake offers scintillating sunsets and the raw pleasure of Bird Watching to its visitors. It is a rain- fed lake and proves a natural habitat for birds largely for migratory birds from the north of the continent and Europe.
Situated on the Indore- Dhar Highway the lake is the legacy of the Holkars who ruled the region more than a hundred years ago.

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Tranquil of the Ghats, Playful breeze making ripples on the waters of river Narmada, Panoramic purview of the horizon, Sunset weaving colours in the sky, one can only fancy such divine pleasures but the Ghats of Maheshwar bring life to all these riveting images for its guests. Situated 75kms from Indore, Maheshwar Ghats take you back to the glorious realm of Ahilyabai Holkar, the former ruler of the region and the phenomenal architecture of the time.

0726 - Indie - Orchha - Betwa rivier en Chhatris

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ROYAL SHRINES: Orchha Cenotaphs

The Royal Cenotaphs of Orchha apprise you of the grandeur of its former rulers. Seated on the banks of river Betwa, these Cenotaphs embrace beautifully carved architectural designs skirted by the captivating river. One has the liberty to cross the river and watch the sun go down beyond the magnificent silhouettes of the cenotaphs perched on a riverside rock or while dangling their feet into the serene waters of river Betwa.

The Heart of India- Madhya Pradesh not only boasts about its rich Heritage and Tribal Culture but also flaunts the intrinsic beauty of its land. And therefore constitutes sweeping plateaus, picturesque mountain ranges, coiling rivers and miles and miles of thickset forestland that provides scintillating spectacles to the travellers.

Zahra Gulrez

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