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10 Sweets that You can’t afford to miss while you’re travelling around Madhya Pradesh!

With the festive season just around the corner we thought it was the right time to let you in on some of Madhya Pradesh’s culinary masterpieces that intertwine perfect flavors and textures. For those with a sweet tooth, this list might just lead you to raiding your confectionaries and refrigerators to fuel some major cravings you may experience after reading it!


1. Mawa-Bati: A Sweet Symphony of Flavours

Stuffed with chopped dry fruits, saffron and cardamom powder, MawaBati is Madhya Pradesh’s richer version of GulabJamuns because obviously just sugar syrup soaked dough balls aren’t enough to fuel the sugar cravings of Central India!

Coconut barfi

2. Khoprapak: Each Bite Delights with Rich Dry fruits and fresh Coconuts

A Traditional sweet whipped out of Coconut and Milk Solids, Khopra Pak is a goo-ey, sticky goodness you would never want to get out of! Also known as Coconut Barfi, this amazing sweet is dished out in varied flavors and sweet intensities in most parts of Madhya Pradesh.


3. Shreekhand:Velvety Sweet Drizzled with Nuts

A Gujrati Style Greek Yogurt Variety, Shreekhand will give your taste buds Tingling sweet sensations and you’ll be left craving for more… Forever! Invented during 400 B.C. this ancient Frozen Fantasy is definitely not to be missed when in Madhya Pradesh.


4. Malpua: A Harmonious Marriage of Decadent Flavors

The deliciously Indian version of pancakes, Malpua is a delightfully sweet and Chewy snack widely popular in the Central Indian terrain. With its Crispy Edges and Soft, Fluffy insides Malpua’s can be easily combined with a variety of options like Rabri, Cream and Fresh Fruits.

Khoya jalebi

5. Khoya –jalebi: Swirled Fantasy

Prepared in numerous yet the most authentic of ways, KhoyaJalebi holds a very important place in the Malwa-Nimar Platter. Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh Boasts of the most Drool-Worthy and true preparation of this Sugar-Glazed variation ofJalebi and BadkulMishthaan at BadaPhuvaara, Jabalpur offers the Best of this heavenly dessert.


6. Imarti: Too Baeutiful to Eat!

The Crunchy Saffron Flower like competitor to Jalebi is again a celebrated dessert in Madhya Pradesh along with other parts of the country. The deep-fried flour preparation that oozes sugar syrup pumps you with enough Sugar Rush to go all day without cravings.


7. Gulabjamun: Death by Deliciousness

Balled out of Freshly Curdled milk, GulabJamun is let alone Madhya Pradesh but India’s favorite go to dessert delicacy. These Sugar soaked Khoya balls are flavored with green cardamom, rose water and saffron. So the next time you visit Madhya Pradesh, Do not forget to gorge on this dripping delight at Sarafa, Indore.


8. MakkhanVada: A Crust so Crunchy, You can hear it Break!

Marbelled on the outside and spongy soft on the inside, MakkhanVada are irresistible flattened balls made out of Flour, Ghee and Yogurt. These Sugar encrusted Golden assortments begin to melt the sugary heaven in your mouth the moment you grab a bite!


9. Til- Gajak: An Old Fashioned Favorite

A crumbly dessert made of sesame seeds and jaggery that seeps into every layer, Gajak is the favorite winter-time dessert of Madhya Pradesh. Gwalior wears the crown of manufacturing the most loved Gajak in India and Morena produces sumptuous Gajak that is exported throughout the world!


10. Kalakand: Feed Your Inner Child with this Milky Goodness!

Stirred out of sweetened Milk and Cottage Cheese,this granular sweet melts right into your taste buds with each bite. Garnished with Dry Fruits, Kalakand makes for a rich, dense dessert that is every bit worth the calories.

Zahra Gulrez For mptravelogue.com

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