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Dhuandhar falls

It is indisputable that nothing soothes your beleaguered senses better than the sound of rushing water. The mystic falls of Dhuandhar could be heard from a distance as the water takes a plunge to produce a mass of smoke. Dhuandhar, 40 minutes from Jabalpur in the Heart of India, is the ultimate treat for eyes and ears.


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Kerwa Dam, Bhopal

A popular weekend getaway among the Bhopalites, Kerwa could be the place you seek to de-stress. Lying beside a tranquil water body at dusk would be all to assert goodbye to a hectic day and relax your mind, body and soul.


Tiger's Den, Bandhavgarh

Bandhavgarh’s impeccable quietude is eerie yet unmatched. Melt in the subtle yet lavish ambience of Tiger’s Den after long safaris to relish little joys of life. Such calm and peaceful environment amidst sheer wilderness! We bet the USP would still be home-like meals and flawless staff services.

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Image Source: denwabackwaterescape

Denwa Backwater Escape, Satpura

Imagine a stay where you sit on the porch of your room and overlook to intrinsic backwaters like God’s own country. Seems quite unreal! Witness it at Denwa Backwater Escape in Satpura to let go of all hurly-burly and unleash that obscure artist in you.


Yogi Ashram Guest House, Khajuraho

Renowned already for its temples, Khajuraho offers you a spiritual stay at Yogi Ashram Guest House within the proximity of Western Temples. Get close to your inner self by experiencing a blend of calm stay, home-cooked meals and free sessions of yoga and meditation. It’s never too late to rejuvenate, and especially when it’s at such reasonable cost. Well, it’ll make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Delawadi jungle camp source cravebits

Image Source: cravebits

Delawadi Jungle Camp near Bhopal

Nothing promises your lungs fresh air as Delawadi’s Jungle Camp. Wake up in the serene, green woods to detox your body and set off all the stress. The silent wild and mountainous terrains make for an invigorating trip. Want to get back to the Palaeolithic age? Walk 6kms up to the Rock Shelters in Bhimbetka and discover the oldest natural structures with extraordinary paintings. Energize in the exhilarating atmosphere like never before!

Malaya Cafe Bandh. Source- martjackstorage

Image Source: martjackstorage

Malaya Cafe, Bandhavgarh

While in Bandhavgarh, you can find your own space at Malaya Cafe, an indie cafe to relax and go through original handicrafts from all over India. A connoisseur’s dream spot to leave behind the corporate world and get lost in the world of art along with the best filter coffee, organic breakfast and pancakes. Tantalized already?

Kanha Earth Lodge- source-thetigersafari

Image Source: thetigersafari

Kanha Earth Lodge

Tucked away from the world in a little tribal hamlet, Kanha Earth Lodge is the winner of numerous national and international awards. Its high-end eco friendly structure is mesmerizingly marvellous. Get struck by its delectable cuisine and lavish stay. Totally indispensable for those who wish to be lost in a remote and exotic destination.

Kukru mpforest.org

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Kukru camp

Situated on the border of Maharashtra, near Melghat Tiger Reserve, Kukru camp is located amid dense forests. Studded with adventure sports like Cycling, Trekking, etc, Kukru offers tented accommodation with delicious cuisines. Inhale the tribal fragrances of the heart of India and return home fresh as a splash of water!

Deori national chambal source- wildplacesofindia

Image Source: wildplacesofindia

National Chambal Sanctuary

National Chambal Sanctuary or Ken Ghariyal Sanctuary, is located on the tri-point of MP, UP and Rajasthan. Home of endangered aquatic species, the sanctuary is a perfect getaway for adventure seekers. Spotting Ghariyals on a boat ride with a pre-appointed driver is quite a thrilling notion. Break free from the routine and break into aquatic wilderness!

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Image Source: natgeotraveller

Kanha Kipling Camp, Kanha

Established in 1982, Kanha Kipling is one of the best places to stay while at Kanha. Run by a family, the atmosphere is so fresh and warm that you ensconce in the forest and yet feel at home! Forget not to take a bath with lovely elephants in the nearby river. What else does one need to feel gratitude in life?



Drive a hundred km from Indore on a serpentine shaped road that leads you uphill to an ancient town in the Heart of India, called Mandav. Popular among Indorians, the town is a home of historical forts and monuments with stunning folklore and legends behind each. Splashed in the green hue entire monsoon, Mandu could be visited for a refreshing weekend.


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Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal

Forget your worries amid varied flora and fauna. Van Vihar, a one-of-its-kind sanctuary, has set the herbivores free and held the carnivores captive, creating a natural atmosphere for the creatures. Located in the middle of the city, Van Vihar is easily accessible and makes for a great place to take some time off with family and kids. Get up early in the morning, leave your cars aside, hire a bicycle from the main entrance for just Rs. 10 and get engulfed in the mesmerizing surroundings!


Jaam Darwaza, Mhow

A perfect monsoon destination for locals and Indoris, Jaam Darwaza is the Gateway to Malwa Plateau, & hence was of strategic importance in earlier times. One sees a magnificent panoramic view of the underlying Nimar plains from here. Go during sunset or sunrise to refresh your tired selves!


Lake View CCD, Bhopal

Sip the country’s leading coffee overlooking the soothing skyline and blue hue of Bhopal Lake. Visit with your friends and loved ones; take a seat on the edge of the cliff and get set to treat your eyes with the most stupendous view in the town!

Swapnil Gaur

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