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7 Open Space Restaurants with a Breathtaking View!


1. Mediterra, Sayaji Hotel, Indore

Inviting the connoisseur in you, this rooftop restaurant is inspired by the Mediterranean cuisines and puts its culture on your plate.As you step in, the ambiance of the place fills your heart and mind with colors.In the afternoons the place is a delight, but it looks and feels much betterat night, with a scenic view of the bright city lights, for you to admire!The delicious pizzas, pastas, salads,wines, champagnes and an open kitchen along with a wood fired oven, are all set to get your experience going!

Kasbah main

2. The Kasbah,Bhopal

This restaurant and cafe, though not rooftop but open, is unique in its own little ways. Beautifully made, the place would give a glimpse of Arabian Nights and The Bollywood Era.Most important of all, the place will wrap you up inits relaxing vibes, to give you a break from your hectic routine.The small gazebos speak of comfort, which is the perfect combination while having served some of the most tempting delicacies of the place.

Cafe Terreza

3. Cafe Terazza, Indore

From sunny or clear blue skies in the afternoon, to beautifully lit lights at night,this place will cast its spell on you, anytime.The minute you enter the place, it will not just mesmerizeyou with its beauty but will comfort you with a welcoming feeling. With absolutely remarkable tasteand presentation, the food might even make you forget about the very view you came in for.Even if you are not so much for the view, they have a brightly done ambiance inside as well.Having everything perfectly balanced, the gazebos and the lights await to make your night, a magical one.

sky indore

4. Sheesha Sky Lounge, Indore

Though covered for convenience now, the place still provides a breathtaking view ofIndore as you peek from the roof! Sky Lounge is a place filled with Shamiyanas, fancy lights and no doubt, delicious food.Being a brand name, it takes the job seriously, and provides you with the best service.It has a dance floor for parties, which has a bar and gazebos on the side for snacks and drinks.The whole atmosphere is such that once you sit and make yourself comfortable, you won’t be leaving anytime soon.


5. Vidorra, Indore

Yes, by now you must have realized that Indore steals the show when it comes to rooftop restaurants.Well,Vidorra is yet another one.The most attractive thing about this place is its aura. They have created an environment of truly soothing music, bright yet different lights and the famous, gazebo sitting.The food is so creamy and would just be a pure blessing for your taste buds.They have quite a spacious sitting, which makes the place all the more, better.

Hotel Prabha

6. Jalsa, The Prabha International, Gwalior

The place offers a view, everyone would want to look at, while in Gwalior.At Jalsa, you have the chance to have your delicious food with an alluring view of the Gwalior Fort. The seating is spacious and the view just does it all.It is the perfect place to feel like the royals, while eating royal food,and looking at a truly royal site.So, this time when you go to Gwalior, Go Royal!

peppers 1

7. Peppers The Restaurant, Jabalpur

A restaurant with indoor sitting as well as seating arrangements outdoor, with a view of the beautiful city of Jabalpur, is truly a blessing for the locals.This is one of the places where you can escape fromthe monotonous life of the city, and catch a break in a really soothing manner.This one’s a rare site in Jabalpur, so one should definitely go check it out!

Vibhushi Patwa For mptravelogue.com

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