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Marble Rocks

Day Trip Jabalpur- Boating near Glistening Marble Rocks and Dhuandar Falls- Ghughua Fossil Park, Jabalpur - Jabalpur

  • 25km away from Jabalpur is Bhedaghat with its imposing Marble Rocks and picturesque sights. Boating amidst the Glistening marble Rocks, in the serene waters of Narmada is highly recommended here.
  • At a short distance from Bhedaghat you can also enjoy boating at the beautiful and powerful Dhuandhar Falls.
  • If you’re a History Buff then do try Ghughua Fossil Park that reveals priceless treasures of Plant Fossils. The park opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 5:00 p.m.
  • Jabalpur offers a number of options for eating out with some of the best regional varieties.

Day Trip Indore- Maheshwar Ahilyabai Ghats- Queens Fort- Rehwa Society Maheshwar- Indore

  • Situated at 90km from Indore, Maheshwar Ghats are a hidden gem of Madhya Pradesh. The intrinsic beauty and serenity of the surroundings will take you aback. Do try Boating here around the time when sun sets, the place also offers tantalizing picture ready sights for you to work on that photography obsession of yours.
  • If Ancient Architecture and History is what evokes pleasure for you then Queens Fort is a must visit in Maheshwar.
  • With some more time on your hands do visit Rehwa Society in Maheshwar who work for the upliftment of weavers and it is here that you’ll find some brilliant examples of craftsmanship and dazzling Chanderi fabrics.
  • Do try Laboos cafe, located right outside the Queen’s Fort the cafe offers lip-smacking snacks and homely food.
Delawadi Jungle Camp

Day Trip Bhopal- Bhojeshwar Temple Bhojpur- Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary-Bhimbetka Rock caves- Delawadi Jungle Camp- Bhopal

  • Set on a hillock, 40km from Bhopal Bhojeshwar Temple houses one of the largest Shivling in India. Here you also get a beautiful panoramic view of the entire city from outside the Temple.
  • Located 50 km from Bhopal Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary is a great Day-trip option for you to relish and relax into the arms of Nature. Ratapani offers a great base for Birdwatching and you can access all of it along with great food at Ratapani range Retreat.
  • Inside the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary you’ll find MP Tourism’s Delwadi Jungle camp that offers a great insight into the deep forests of Ratapani and is a great place for a stopover or Luncheon.

Day Trip Gwalior – Gwalior Fort- Mitawali Temple, Morena- Ancient Shrines of Morena- Gwalior

  • Popular as India’s most invincible fortress, Gwalior fort offers a mesmerising insight into the history and culture of Gwalior. It is recommended to try the Eastern entrance because that way you’ll get to go for a scenic Trek up to the fort. They also have an amazing light and Sound show in the evening.
  • Known as the seat of power of Ancient Yoginis, the Mitawali temples are 45km from Gwalior and 15km from morena. The temple exhibits beautiful architecture and iconic designs.
  • While visiting Bateshwar temples in Morena you get to go deep into the Ravines of Chambal valley, this makes for a great offbeat spot for you to explore more of Gwalior.

Zahra Gulrez
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