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25 Luxury, Earthy and Aesthetically pleasing Resorts and Specialty Lodges right in the middle of the Jungle!

Let’s just settle for the fact that travelling like a hippie is undeniably the best way to travel. There are no boundaries to what you can explore or the fallow land where you can pitch your tent, but once in a while, we all seek some luxury, after all, it is a ubiquitous dream. The breathtaking enigma of luxury resorts is something everyone should experience as often as they can. It is always good to pamper and spoil yourself with choices. When it comes to aesthetically pleasant setting, the heart of the nation has more places that you can possibly count on your fingers. Here’s a list of quite brilliantly set up luxury resorts right in the middle of India.

Specialty Lodging in Kanha

Kanha Earth Lodge- source-thetigersafari

1. Kanha Earth Lodge

Awarded with a certificate of excellence, Kanha Earth Lodge is a notable delight. The specialty of this lodge lies in the strong influences of the Gond tribe, facilitating the visitors with spacious veranda, making the entire place environmentally sensitive. It is located at just the right distance from the forest; not too far to let go of the natural serenity and not too close to witnessing the over crowdedness. 30 minutes from Kisli Park, this place is a lodging prodigy.

Flameoftheforest kanha --- hexagontravel.uk..

2. Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge

Located minutes away from Kanha, Flame of the forest safari lodge has sights that overlook Banjaar River, along with the unvoiced serenity of the forest. This is located relatively near to the gates of the park, therefore facilitating easy access to the flora and fauna of the vicinity. Amazing location, scrumptious food, mind-blowing attention to details and ardent naturalists are waiting here to share your passions.

banjaar-tola --- true5stars

3. Banjaar Tola, Taj Safari Lodge

This elegant camp comprises of two sections, 9 suites each, located on the banks of Banjaar River and providing a clear view of the expanses of the forest. The magnificent bamboo floors, locally crafted furniture, gorgeous wall panels and the exotic handcrafted stuff speak about its distinctiveness. The place results in a perfect combination of classic and contemporary!

Singiwana Jungle Lodge Kanha-- highontravel5

4. Singinawa Jungle Lodge

Other than special dining area and world class comforts of this place, that are too surreal to be fetched in the heart of jungle, Singinawa Jungle Lodge, Kanha is spread across 55 acres of land. It has 12 luxury cottage, each comprising veranda, rain showers, live fireplace and a minibar. This place is ideal for a peaceful, yet an adventurous holiday, far away from the swarm.

kipling-camp-kanha source- kanha-national-park

5. Kipling Camp

Home to the world famous Mowgli, Kipling is the ideal destination for the people who wish to unwind the well-preserved natural beauties and explore the remote backwoods and towns. It is one of the finest untamed life camps in India with consideration given to each point of interest, created in the year 1982 by a group of conservationists.


6. Chitvan Jungle Lodge

A traveler’s Choice 2015 award doesn’t go in hand if you aren’t already beating your competitors. Not just the accommodation, but this place has a lot to offer other than the wildlife experience. An adventurer’s delight, Chitvan has a special team dedicated for bird sightings. One can also enjoy tribal dance, nature walk, spa and the colorfulness of local flea market.

Speciality Lodging in Bandhavgarh

Samode-Safari-Lodge-Bandhavgarh source-naturalhighsafaris

7. Samode Safari Lodge

Listed as one of the best by CNN 2015, Samode Safari is a gateway to tranquil, luxurious and spacious villas, with the highest propensity of spotting a Tiger.   Amidst the laudable architecture based out of colloquial interest, Samode is a high-end extravagant lodge, setting benchmarks for unrivaled luxury and hospitality.

Tigergarh Bandhavgarh source-- tigergarh

8. Tiger Garh

Bordered by golden farmlands and variety of forest hills, Tiger Garh offers absolute thrill to your stay. One can also hear the sound of jackals, the swamp of tigers, rhythmic chirping of birds and the glorious sound of wind that touches the expanses of this dense forest. Located in the tranquility of Ranchha, a village near Bandhavgarh, it is a luxurious treat in the middle of the jungle.

nature-heritage-resort bandhavgarh-- thetigersafari

9. Nature Heritage Resort

At the distance of 3-4 minutes from the main gate, this opulent property is spread across 6 acres of land, that facilitates well furnish air-conditioned cottages, veranda, garden, luxurious bathrooms and possibly everything that you need to pamper yourself. Nature Heritage’s dedication towards the protection of neighborhood group and taking care of the eco standards has to date been a subject worth applauding. Without a doubt one of the finest untamed life Resorts in Bandhavgarh.

Mahua-Kothi-Bandhavgarh --naturalhighsafaris

10. Mahua Kothi

The name of this place is a striking derivation from the Mahua tree, also known as the butter tree. This lodge sprawls across 40 acres of land and is located just 20 minutes away from the park. The mates here are ardent nature followers and, therefore, the natural walks and bird sightings are highly regarded. The cottages are built, keeping in mind the rich heritage and culture of this place, thus a gorgeous mash-up of art can be seen here.

treehouse-hideaway bandh-- uniquehotels

11. Tree House Hideaway

These aesthetically pleasing tree houses, which often merge into the jungle, will offer you a perfect gateway to relive your childhood fantasy. Outlining and bringing a combination of customary wilderness living and contemporary style, the tree houses are independent and make an impeccable get away for people who are particular about privacy and solitude.

King's Lodge Bandhavgarh-- bandhavgarh-national-park

12. Kings Lodge

What a great nature’s wonder it is to be surrounded by raw wild forests. Located amidst a village, this place doesn’t look any lesser than a kingly estate. An outdoor barbeque is one of the highlights, but the nature’s library is an absolute winner. The entire place is as eco-friendly as one could be and, therefore, it is an enchantment to stay at a place which is close to nature. Other than this, there’s availability of a variety of spas to woo your holiday plans.


13. Jungle Mantra

It is hard to determine the beauty of a place when everything that you compare it with is beyond excellence. Jungle Mantra is one such place, situated in an area lying into the buffer zone of Bandhavgarh. A sprawling 25 acres of land, this place is best known for their exclusivity, which does not intrude the lifestyle of animals. An exclusive wildlife resort for holidaymakers, Jungle Mantra is owned and run by a British-Asian nature and wildlife photographer.

Bagh Sarai bandh- cleartrip

14. Bagh Sarai Resorts

Bagh Sarai is a perfect example where contemporary meets classic. The huts, cottages and rooms run along a camaraderie that mixes with the serene open horticulture area encompassed by all backwoods and Sal trees -winged creatures, jackals, dark faced monkeys. The choices of accommodation are many, and one can only spoil them with so many options. The major highlight of this place is animals that keep crossing your path!

bandhav-vilas-bandhavgarh --blessingsonthenet

15. Bandhav Vilas

The serenity of Vindhya Hills might fall short of words when you will cross those miles and land here, in this resort. A 1000 sq.ft room constructed with a rain shower, private deck and courtyard will leave you stunned. They also conduct special aromatherapy which is very popular among visitors. The choice of meals can be picked from a wider list of Indian and international cuisines. Their gypsies are also equipped with tripods and coolbox.

aranyak-resort bandh --aranyakresort1

16. Aranyak Resort

The name of this resort is derived from the term “of the forest” and trust me, this place goes by its name. Each room is specially constructed and designed to ensure that the rustic cultural life of Bandhavgarh speaks for itself. Handmade furniture from Jagadalpur of colorful Indian timber in the sitting zone will stun you without a doubt. The feelings you come across while encountering the spectacular beauty of Aravali Mountain Ranges from your window are beyond expression.

Monsoon forest bandh-- tripadvisor

17. Monsoon Forest, Bandhavgarh

Under the shade of Mahua Trees and with a romantic name like that, Monsoon Forest will have you swooning over its tranquility and lush canopy. The resort successfully evokes all kinds of nature lovers and its expert naturalists never miss an opportunity to show you around on Jeeps or elephant Backs. Experience the raw unexplored joys of nature with brilliant hospitality and enviable luxury at Monsoon Forest.

Denwa Backwater Escape Satpura-- denwabackwaterescape1

18. Denwa Backwater Escape Satpura

Satpura, 200 km from Bhopal, is one of the finest locations for wildlife sightings, which is quite unexplored, therefore definitely a delight! Denwa Backwater Escape is a literal escape from the troubles of the world into a fairyland that showcases mesmerizing backwaters of Denwa River. The property is stretched out into 10 acres of forest land along the river. The forest is just across the river and one has to take a boat to reach there. The place offers an outstanding view of the jungle, river and Pachmarhi hills.

baghvan jungle lodge pench-- buteeq

19. Baghvan Taj Wilderness Lodge, Pench

During the months of July- October, this place appears to be like a rustic caravan of those who come here to visit the wilderness. Its open, naturally distinctive suites and breezy visitor zones make a wondrous beginning for your trip into nature. This place is named after the ruler of India’s wildernesses (Bagh-Van; Bagh being tiger and van being jungle). This special natural life experience is supplemented by lavish housing, warm administration and tasty provincial cooking served in an exotic setting!

Mahua vann resort pench-- ourwanderlist.blogspot

20. Mahua Vann Resort, Pench

As the name suggests, Mahua Vann is an aesthetically serene place where nature lovers will find heaven. It’s spacious, a property made inside the woods with more than 300 extensive trees spread over more than 11 acres of land. An eco- sensitive resort that gives its voyagers solace and an unrivaled experience of nature with its quiet surrondings, a good doze of fresh air and a feeling of serenity.

tathastu Pench-- tathasturesorts

21. Tathastu, Pench

Tathastu is a location like no other. Exclusive garden and barbeque facilities, a cottage which is not only amid forest, but rock like surroundings provide a native look. Its spacious property offers a youngsters’ play area like none in the surrounding. A cluster of adventurous activities can be enjoyed at location or in the surroundings, including cycling, sculling, wilderness safari and angling.

renipani jungle lodge-- renipanijunglelodge

22. Reni Pani Jungle Lodge

Satpura national park not only demands you to be on the tip of your toes for natural yet surreal encounters, but it also asks for a stay that will enable you to have a clear view of the jungle. Reni Pani Lodge is the one that meets all the requirements and the barbeque grill installed outdoors for visitors is to enjoy the enthralling adventure almost always! Recreational facilities, swimming pool, village walks, bird sightings and a lot more at this. It’s a premium gateway into the jungle!

Forsyth-Satpura --naturalhighsafaris

23. Forsyth Lodge

If lodge’s verdant encompasses and extended charpoy close to the eco pool or a quick wander viewing winged creatures from the patio of your private cabin doesn’t take your breath away, then we don’t know what else will. This is one of those places which ardently try to bridge the gap between humans and the wildlife. Elephant rides and other obscure trail adventure is their thing!

pashan-garh-panna--- buuteeq

24. Pashan Garh, Panna

This sprawling property of 190 acres is an enigmatic charisma that comprises of cascading swimming pool, luxury cottages, outdoor machan, guest courtyard and ample of things that will keep you well occupied.  These houses are the kinds they show in television, purely magnanimous and made of out of uneven slates, extremely distinctive of any other place in the entire vicinity. On the outside, the whole place looks sturdy, but on the inside they are delightfully sleek and opulent. You got to be here at least once.

Sarai at Toria khajuraho-- wildspace

25. Sarai at Toria

With a pinch of Persian touch, Sarai at Toria is a riverside magnificence. This extravagant but earthly retreat envisions a role wherein they’d help holidaymakers in diving into the true essence of wildlife. It is very close to Khajuraho, which could be a destination in itself, considering its beauty. Extremely rich in history and wonderful sites, Sarai at Toria attracts many visitors who are keen in comprehending the glorious past.

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