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Chousath Yogini Temple, Mitawali, Morena

The annular temple is situated at Mitawali in Morena. The structure seems quite familiar at the very first glance and tales say that this monument has been the inspiration behind the Parliamentary structure of India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and encircling the main shrine are sixty four smaller intricately carved structures of his attendants called Yoginis.

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Teli ka Mandir, Gwalior

Consigned to Lord Vishnu, Teli ka Mandir is one the loftiest and ancient structures to have survived. The substantially carved outer walls lure architectural acknowledgement from all over the nation. The amazing architecture constantly draws you into the glorious days of erstwhile. The Vaulted roof and spectacular Dravidian architecture does not fail to amaze one.

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Ajaigarh Fort, Kalinjarh Fort

Standing atop the Vindhya Ranges, Ajaigarh Fort lies at an altitude of 1,111 metres. Standing aloof at the hill top the fort offers a sweeping view of the plains and the mesmerising Ken River. The fort comprises of pre historic temples and rock cut tanks. The Kalinjar Fort was renowned as the Heart of Chandella Kingdom and is protected by surveillance teams even today.


Asirgarh Fort, Mumtaz Mahal Tomb, Burhanpur

The unassailable Asirgarh fort sits crowned atop a hill 22kms from
Burhanpur. Legend has it, the soaring fort cannot be conquered with
force. The fort comprises of huge walls running around, A Jami Masjid and Twin minarettes perched on the cliff. Following the death of Empress Mumtaz Mahal, who died in Burhanpur on the bank of Tapti River her tomb, was erected in Zainabad Garden in Burhanpur. Later her remains were taken to her final resting place, Taj Mahal.

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Ancient Ruins of Padmavati, Gwalior

In Padmavati lies one of the largest brick temples dating back to the 4th Century A.D. belonging to Gupta era. The lost city today was once the seat of one of the largest kingdoms of India. The ruins of Brick Temples are a testimony to the splendour and might of its ancestors.

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Ruins of Satanwada and Narwar Fort, Shivpuri, Madhya Pradesh

Satanwada a place with rich history lies washed away by the tides of
time today, 28km from Narwar Fort. Satanwada houses a multitude of ancient remains, rare statues, exquisite carvings and beautiful sculptures on stone fragments. Perched on hill top at 500feet above ground level speaks of its past full of Grandeur and Magnificence. The huge fort has been constructed in Rajput style with flat ceilings and multi fold arches with fluted columns. The inner walls adorned with bright colours and glass beads are breathtakingly beautiful.


Palace of Jhansi ki Rani, Jhansi

The palace of Rani Laxmi Bai has been graced with multi coloured artistry and illustrations on its walls and ceiling. The palace has been converted to a museum now housing a massive collection of ornate
Sculptures dating back to 9th and 12th century A.D. The palace was
abode of the Warrior Queen of India, Rani Laxmi Bai.


Ruins of Mandu

Jahaz Mahal: Nestled in the midst of two lakes, upon a narrow piece of land is the immaculately carved gem of a monument, the Jahaz Mahal in Mandu. The seemingly floating palace is rectangular in shape and whiffs of deft craftsmanship even today.

Hindola Mahal: The ancient castle is a classic example of pre historic sculpting and ingenious architectural skills.

Roopmati’s Pavilion: Beautiful Pavilions and Grand Domes are some of the characterising features of the marvellous structure known as
Roopmati’s Pavilion.

Apart from palaces the ancient capital of Mandu also houses mystical relics of Caves, magnificent Kunds and Forts that are bound to capture your heart.


Raj Mahal, Orchha

Adorned with lofty towers on the exterior and beautiful Mural paintings on the interior is the royal residence of erstwhile Kings of Orchha located in Tikamgarh district of Madhya Pradesh. The 17th century monument is famed for its spectacularly designed Diwaan-e-Khaas that has been embroidered with splendid motifs and artwork.


Bir Singh Palace, Datia

The magnificent palace of Bir Singh Dev is a structure emerging out of sheer bricks and stones. The ancient royal dwelling boasts of Octagonal pillars, spectacular Lattice worked walls and numerous alluring Cenotaphs and Domes crowning the palace.

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Rock Shelters, Bhimbetka

The historically crucial Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka are among the renowned World Heritage Sites and play a vital role in exhibiting an
entire spectrum of time through its beautifully carved rock paintings that date back to 30,000 years from today. The Intriguing caves of Bhimbetka lie at a distance of 45km from the city of Bhopal.

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Bandhavgarh Fort

The soaring fort reigns at a height of 811metres above sea level providing a panoramic sight of the mesmerising Vindhya Ranges and
Bandhavgarh National park. Even today the relics of this 10th century structure stand unabated with the ravages of time. The once mighty fort testifies to great Architectural brilliance and ancient Rock Paintings.


Ruins of Vidisha

Hindola Torana: Intricately carved pillars with a swing like framework are popularly known as the Hindola Torana. The pillars have been exquisitely sculpted with images if mythical creatures on them. The pillars are what remain of the entrance of a temple.

Udaygiri Caves: The Udaygiri Caves garner numerous sculptures,
architectural splendour and intriguing inscriptions. The caves are an
allegory to the royal era of Gupta Empire.

Bijamandal: Bijamandal consists of the remains of an 11th century
Temple known as Vijayamandir and also the relics of a mosque erected of pillars dating back to 8th and 9th centuries.


Ruins of Chanderi

Chanderi Fort: Set upon a hill at the height of 71 metres stands this
magnificent fort has outlived a number of attacks followed by
reconstruction. The ravishing fort also offers a breathtaking view of the town of Chanderi.

The lush town of Chanderi cloaked in greenery offers a rich historical background and ancient relics. Koshak Mahal, Jama Masjid, Bada Madarsa and Badal Mahal Arches are sites with great historical significance and splendour.


Malhar Rao Chatri, Bhind

Manifested by intricate carvings and exquisite patterns on the cenotaphs, the Chhatris are remarkable examples of floral and leaf
patterns. Located at Alampur, the magnificent Chhatris attract attention due to its intensively carved and colourfully embedded shelters.


Gopachal Parvat, Gwalior

Gopachal Parvat: Located in Phoolbagh, Gwalior the place houses an assortment of brilliantly carved sculptures. These sculptures have been assigned great significance by the followers of Jainism. Though in a dilapidated state, the sculptures present a visual treat.


Bagh Caves, Kukshi

Bagh Caves situated on the steep terrain of Vindhya Ranges are well
known for its Mural Paintings. The ancient maestros have led us to these beautiful examples of Rock-Cut Architecture. Out of Nine the Five to have survived testify to some of the most amazing artwork of the last centuries.


Tomb of Muhammad Ghaus, Gwalior

The renowned mausoleum of a Sufi Saint flaunts typical Mughal Architecture in its entire framework. The tomb exhibits Ethereal Beauty and Charm. From Hexagonal Pillars to Screens embellished of stone piercings, everything speaks of the glorious Mughal Era.

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Temples at Padhavali, Morena

Unveiling a magnificent Vishnu Temple traced back to 10th century, Garhi Padhavali is a treasure lost with tides of time. Padhavali houses many such exquisite relics displaying a magnitude of ancient sculptures and architectural splendours.

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Bateshwar- Morena

The mesmerising archaeological site of Bateshwar embraces a number of temples erected from sandstone dedicated to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu from the Hindu Mythology. The cluster of temples now lay over the ravines of Chambal weary of earthquakes and the winds of time.

When travelling in Madhya Pradesh, a land rich in its cultural heritage one gets bedazzled with the glorious culture and present day attractions. But behind the veil of development and progress also lies the imprints of ancient civilizations who have managed to leave a mark on the sands of time. The ancient relics of Madhya Pradesh provide a window into the past and also a chance at recreating different pictures in time. A trip to such places of historical significance not only proves to be great learning experience but also allows one to dig deeper into one’s roots and gain insight about its developments and lifestyle through the various passages of time. Madhya Pradesh also garners many such historical treasures that once were lost into the dearth of time and modernisation. There have been attempts at restoring many such magnificent sights and bringing them back to life while providing them with the preservation and attention they entail. We bring to you such untouched places full of ancient history and valour that are bound to strike a chord with your curious instincts.

Zahra Gulrez

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