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10 Tips for Wildlife Enthusiasts!

Who’d deny that it’s thrilling to see animals in their natural habitat rather than zoos, aquariums and other confinements?

Here are ten things for all enthusiasts who look forward to be up and close with the wild!


1. Safety

Whenever on a trip to see wildlife, safety must be given paramount importance.
Even if you’re spotting animals that are benign in their natural habitat, be cautious and keep distance.


2. Research

Know the nature of the place you’re visiting before leaving home. Take a note of the areas to be visited, their dangers and difficulties. Research the terrain of your destination.

Mirchani Tigress photographed by Pat Para Nala with the camera car.

3. Know the Wildlife

Read well about every kind of animal you’re going to be facing. The more you know about their habits, personalities and temperament, the more enjoyable, calm and safe your visit will be.

Wildlife experts say that each animal has a “Circle of Fear”.

Or call it alert zone. As we progress toward them they watch, smell and survey us. The animal’s stress and fear increases rapidly on human intrusion in its habitat. Know their attitude and respect the circle of fear, never scare it to flee from your sight or attack you.

qualified guide

4. Qualified guide

Make sure your guide ought to be experienced and well versed with the area that you’re going to safari.

He should keep you safe and fledged with proper vehicles and equipments.

Listen to him carefully and obey every word. He could be a lifesaver at times.

abide by the precautions

5. Abide by the precautions

Take time and read every guideline before the wildlife safari commences. Refrain from using mobiles and never get off the vehicle under any circumstance. Abiding by the rules may be the wisest thing one could do; they’ve been drawn for your safety.


6. Weather

Plan your trip in the best time suggested to visit a destination. The woods can be very tough places when it rains. Streams make the paths impassible. National parks remain closed during monsoon.

Always take a U-turn if you sense bad weather around the corner on a safari.

Be alert

7. Be alert of your surroundings

Pay attention to every thing around you on a safari. Be it sights or sounds! The wild can surprise and stun you in ways you’ve not imagined, if you allow it to!

White-tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus). Minnesota, USA

8. Avoid intervening with infant animals

While most animals are shy and typically known to mind their own business, they may become your worst nightmare if you mess with their babies.


9. Be quiet!

Especially on spotting animals like tigers. This wise gesture will allow you to spend maximum time sighting and clicking them. Screaming in fear or excitement will only make them flee or attack you…which, be sure, will be the last thing you want whilst you breathe!

never lose hope

10. Never lose hope

If you haven’t sighted or clicked your favorite animal, don’t get disheartened. Keep trying with more polished efforts and lastly… believe in this clichéd line ‘spoken’ by an animal as it’s true to the core: “You haven’t seen me but I have seen you!”

At last we would want you to support wildlife in any way that you can. It could be by lessening the use of furniture, paper, etc made out of wood. It could be by joining an NGO or supporting a wildlife cause. Please don’t trouble or hurt them in any way on the safari. The wild is very, very beautiful and unfortunately it’s declining by the day.

Swapnil Gaur
For mptravelogue.com

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