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10 Tips for Solo Travellers!


1. Google.com

Living in the age of the worldwide web has simplified planning and research as ever. Plunge deep into independent travel forums rather than believing rosy official websites. Extract every bit of information before you start off.

stay connected

2. Stay connected

Solitude is cool but staying connected with family (or friends) is wise. Updating your location to people might be of great help in trouble.

number of bags

3. Number of bags <= number of hands.

Travel light. The lesser the luggage, the more you’ll be free. Backpacking is the best way to travel when going solo. It sets you free from lifting weights. You can trek easily and invest your energy in more fun activities.

no show off

4. (No) Show Off

Although you love to flaunt your iPhone gold and capture everything on Canon 6D, it’s smart to be simple and act local when travelling solo. Especially while roaming alone in areas considered unsafe. Anything that captures attention will draw towards you curious eyes as well as malign.

consult professionals

5. Consult professionals

To know locally more about the place consult the hotel staff or manager or professional travel agents. Refrain from letting unknown people realize that you’re unaware. The more street-smart you act, the safer you’ll be.

adventure mode on

6. Adventure mode on!

Fathom the extra mile you always dreamt of scaling. Be it trekking a mountain, trying new food, going remote in woods or sleeping in tents. You’re free to write things off your bucket list.

befriend people

7. Befriend people

Travelling solo could be strictly about being in your own space and going antisocial. However nobody got arrested for breaking the ice and interacting with folks of same interest during their journey. Who knows?  You may end up befriending people of distant lands.

know your limits

8. Drink moderately

Because you’re the most vulnerable on losing your senses, with no one to look after!

try the local food

9. Try the local food

Go to the local food shops and taste regional delicacies. The pizza franchise that you love, and probably find everywhere, will stay around the corner in hometown, always!

go easy on social media

10. Go easy on social media

Sign out of Facebook app and save your #instapics for later. Believe us, travel can be amazing without flaunting check-ins; by completely observing on what’s going around you. Hear the wind rustle, notice the bird that just flapped over your head, bathe in sunlight filtering through leaves, smell the ground and relish the exotic meals!

Solo travelling is about exploring places and gazing stars in the midnight. Be humble and learn from every step that you take. Experiences await you in every corner. A handful of solo getaways could be getaways to wisdom!

Swapnil Gaur
For mptravelogue.com

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