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1. Salkanpur

70 km from Bhopal, this temple has its unique story, to get you driving towards it. It is believed that when Lord Shiva was saving Goddess Parvati from burning, some of her body parts fell here. Since then, the temple has been devoted to the worship of Goddess Parvati.

-Dewas Tekri

2. Dewas Tekri

Tekri is a cone-shaped hill in Dewas, also known as hill of the Goddess Chamunda Mata and Tulja Bhavani Mata. Situated at an altitude of 300 ft above sea level the temple is mounted by a broad flight of stone steps which are to be climbed to reach the top and see an image of Devi Chamunda cut on the rocky wall of a cave.


3. Ichchha Devi Temple

Ichchha Devi temple is situated at Ichchhapur village and was built by a Maratha Governor in order to fulfill his vow to the Goddess Ichchha Devi in exchange of the birth of a son. In the first month of Hindu calendar (Chaitra Month), an annual fair is held here, which makes the place come alive. They say, all your wishes come true here.


4. Harsiddhi Durga Temple, Ujjain

Being one of the shaktipeeths of Hindu Mythology, this temple worships numerous Hindu Goddesses. Fascinating elements of the temple include the eve of Navratri festival, when the temple brightens up with thousands of lit lamps and the unique structure of the shrine made up of a rock smeared with turmeric paste and vermilion.

Jageshwari Devi Temple

5. Jageshwari Devi Temple

Considered as one of the most holy place in Chanderi, the temple has a major statue which is the face of the goddess Jageshwari, placed in an open cave. The temple can be reached by climbing a long flight of steps on foot.


6. Devi Jagdamba Temple

Located at the World Heritage Site, Khajuraho, the temple is  often referred to as the chef-d’oeuvre and displays  the typical triple panel of sculptures, with the topmost one including some of the most erotic carvings.
The ancient shrine here, is dedicated to the Jagdamba(The Hindu Goddess of the Universe).If you are an art lover then this place is a must visit for you as it features intricately carved sculptures with astonishing craftsmanship.


7. Baglamukhi Temple

Visited by emperors in times of war, this temple is worshipped by those in search of power. Constructed near the Kangra Nagarkot Fort, Datia, this temple is home to the Goddess of Power, Bagalamukhi Devi. So come here, and get your power.


8. Ratangarh temple – datia

Located 55 km from Datia, this holy temple is on the banks of “Sindh” river and every year thousands of devotee come to this temple to get blessing of Maa Ratangarh wali and Kunwar Maharaja especially on the day of bhai dooj (next day of diwali). It can be reached very easily from Gwalior or Datia.

Sharda Devi Hill

9. Maa Sharda Temple – maihar

The temple of Maa Sharda is one of the 51 Shaktipeetha and is 5 KM from Maihar Station. There are about 1063 steps to climb for reaching the hill. Luckily, ropeway facility is also available now. The aura of this place is divine and holds a great power over you.


10. Chausath Yogini Temple, Jabalpur

Situated on a hilltop in Jabalpur, this temple is one of the oldest heritage sites in India with the abode of Goddess Durga along with 64 yoginis(other forms of the Goddess) and 150 steep steps leading to the main shrine where Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati can be seen on Nandi.

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