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1. Great Indian Bustard (Sonchirya):

This Ostrich like bird is among the heaviest of the flying birds. Found in the dry plains of Madhya Pradesh can be easily distinguished by a Black crowned forehead. The Bustard is often spotted at Karera Wildlife Sanctuary and Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary.

Indian Rock Python

2. Indian rock Python (Ajingar/Ajgar):

A humongous and scaly reptile found in the density of Madhya Pradesh’s forestlands, Indian Rock python is not a force to be reckoned with. Found at Ken Gharial Sanctuary their skin is considered the most precious snake-skin and therefore is listed as a rarity.


3. Smooth Coated Otter (Oda):

Found near Fresh water areas, Smooth Coated otters go by their name boasting a smooth furry skin. These are relatively larger than other Otter species and are found in National Chambal Sanctuary..


4. Forest Owlet (Khakusat, Khusattia):

Thought to be extinct, this one has made a comeback into the forests of Madhya Pradesh. This small and stocky owlet with its beautifully banded wings can be found in and near Kanha National Park.

Lesser Florican

5. Flying Squirrel (Uṛanē vālī gilaharī):

Gliding between swaying trees, these furry rodents belong to a unique tribe of squirrels. These rare and oh so adorable creatures can be best spotted at Satpura National Park, Madhya Pradesh.

Forest Owlet

6. Crowned river turtle (Batagur kachua):

Found in the watersheds of Ganges, Crowned River Turtles are a rare species with a large shell and a black or brown dorsal body.  These enigmatically beautiful turtles are often spotted at National Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary.


7. South Asian river dolphin (Ganga dolphin):

These freshwater Dolphins live only in Rivers and Lakes. The Stocky body, a long thin snout and the Grayish Brown body is easy to spot as they surface the water every 10-12 seconds. These chubby mammals can be found in National Chambal Sanctuary.


8. Gharial (Gharial):

Threatened by the loss of Riverine habitat, the Fish-eating crocodiles are now a rare breed. One of the Longest of all living crocodilians, Gharials can be spotted best at Ken Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary and Sone Gharial Wildlife Sanctuary.

Indian Rock Python

9. Indian Flying fox (Gadal):

Also known as the Great Indian Fruit Bat the Indian flying fox is a nocturnal animal that resides mainly in rainforests, swamps and near large water bodies. The Flying Fox can be found gliding at Kanha National park.

Northern Flying Squirrel (Glaucomys sabrinus) in flight with coniferous seed in its mouth, North America.

10. Lesser Florican (likh or kharmore):

A large bird from the Bustard family, lesser Florican is known for its leaping, breeding displays offered by the males during monsoons. The mesmerizing breed of rare birds can be spotted at Ghatigaon Wildlife Sanctuary in Madhya Pradesh.

Zahra Gulrez
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