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10 places where the Beats of the ‘Heart’ go totally WILD!

Despite lying in the centre of a stunningly diverse and historic nation that has every corner incredible, Madhya Pradesh always maintained a subtlety. And pleasantly charmed its tourists on visit. A home to manifold specialities, it’d be unfair to bestow upon the crown of ‘solo attraction.’ Still, if you ask us we’d humbly quote-

‘What Mountains are to Kashmir, Tigers are to MP;
What Backwaters are to Kerala, Wilderness is to MP!’
Ostentatiously unveiling before you, ten places draped in raw wilderness! After all wilderness is, the heart of the Heart of India!


1. Kanha National Park

Spread over mammoth 940 sq km, Kanha is undisputedly the largest national park of Central India. Home to innumerable species of flora and fauna including tigers, foxes, wild cats, wild dogs, deer, barasinghas, etc. Kanha is paradise for wilderness seekers. Spot tigers in meadows, bamboo forests or strolling along safari route! Impeccable safari, accommodation and food services make Kanha a must-visit reserve!

Nearest Airport/Railway Station: Jabalpur (175 km)
Best season to visit: Feb to June.
Closed: 1 July to 15 Nov


2. Bandhavgarh National Park

Smaller than Kanha in terms of area, Bandhavgarh is yet greater and an enthralling escapade for every lover of the wild. Widely considered as a shelter of the largest population of Bengal Tiger anywhere, Bandhavgarh is a haunting; spine chilling abode of wilderness that holds one of the largest bio-diversity in the country. Tigers, hyena, Indian wolves, leopards, barking deer, Sambhar, Nilgai, reptiles, 250 species of birds, 80 species of butterflies, you just name it!! Popular beyond limits for the most aggressive tigers in any reserve, Bandhavgrah hoots for you if you aspire to get some goose bumps!

Nearest Airport/Railway Station: Jabalpur (199 kms)
Best time to visit: Nov to March
Closed: 1 July to 15 Oct


3. National Chambal Sanctuary

Also called the National Ghariyal Sanctuary, it’s a 425 km protected area along the River Chambal right in the heart of the country. A one-of-its-kind riverine sanctuary set up for the critically endangered Ghariyal and Ganges Dolphins constitutes a long eco-reserve administered by three states viz UP, MP and Rajasthan. Hop on a boat with a driver and a guide to taste an adrenaline rush amidst fierce crocodiles and see the vast aquatic life including eight rare species of turtles. NCS is also a birdwatchers’ hotspot as it supports a huge number of species and is listed as (Important Bird Area) IBA IN122. Forest guesthouse and resorts make for a cosy stay.

Nearest Airport/ Railway Station: Agra (85 Km)
Best time to visit: Nov to March


4. Pench Tiger Reserve

Known as the land of legendary Mowgli, Pench tiger reserve is situated at the base of Satpura hills in the south of Madhya Pradesh. Lying in a terrain of small ridges and hills, the reserve gets beautified by seasonal streams and ponds. Fauna consists of tigers, leopards, sloth bear, striped hyenas and herbivores. The reserve gets its name from the river Pench that runs through it.
Although not popular as the star reserves Kanha and Bandhavgarh, Pench could be an ideal weekend getaway for its heartwarming natural beauty.

Nearest Airport /Railway Station: Nagpur.
Best time to visit: October to March
Closed: July to September


5. Satpura National Park

Located in the misty mountainous regions near Pachmarhi, Satpura National Park’s terrain is the most rugged of all consisting of peaks, gorges, ravines and dense forests. Abundantly rich in bio-diversity, the reserve has many exotic flora and fauna- Tiger, leopard, black buck, Indian muntjac, wild boar, porcupine, fox, flying squirrel and occasional sightings of lion.
Adjoining Bori and Pachmarhi reserve, Satpura is Central India’s unique highland ecosystem and no less than a ‘treasure island’ of the wild.

Nearest Railway Station: Pipariya (55 km)
Nearest Airport: Bhopal (210 km)
Best time to visit: Nov to May
Closed: 1 July to 15 Oct


6. Panna National Park

Merely 57 kilometers from the renowned ancient city of Khajuraho lies Panna National Park, a chunk of wilderness and silence. Popular among Khajuraho visitors as it could be accessed by a small stop over, Panna has its own charm to offer. Majorly sheltering Tiger, wolf, sloth bear, Chinkara, Sambhar…Panna national park is often quoted as one of the best-maintained reserves since 2006.
Mind checking it yourself?!

Nearest Railway Station/ Airport: Khajuraho(57 km)
Best time to visit: Jan to May
Closed: July to September

Madhav national park

7. Madhav National Park

Named after late Madhavrao Scindia, this park’s USP is a centrally located lake and lush meadows around it where one can easily spot deer, or more precisely let’s say the graceful ‘Chinkara’. Once hunting grounds for the Mughal Emperor, including Akbar himself who stumbled upon this region of wilderness and ‘game’ while traveling to Delhi from Mandu. Located in the north of MP, it’s an ideal destination to break away from the hustle bustle of the urban areas and invest some time in the lap of serene wild.

Nearest Station: Shivpuri
Nearest Airport: Gwalior
Best time to visit: Nov to May


8. Sanjay National Park

Sanjay Tiger Reserve remained wholly in MP until the year 2000 when the state was divided into two and a part of the reserve went to Chhattisgarh. Today the park ensconces its share of wildlife. Although tiger sightings have been few in the past years, you can easily spot leopard, spotted deer, porcupine and over three hundred species of birds.

Nearest Railway Station: Niwas Road or Rewa
Best time to visit: Nov to April


9. Van Vihar National Park

A small piece of wilderness in the capital city Bhopal where one can travel through the zoo-like park and spot the herbivores, which are set free and carnivores, held captive!

Nearest Airport/ Railway Station: Bhopal


10. Karera Wildlife Sanctaury

Solely for bird viewers, this sanctuary offers the extremely rare Indian Bustard that is facing the threat of being entirely wiped out from the face of Earth. It is the ultimate destination to spot stunningly marvellous species of birds and pleasant flora.

Nearest Station: Jhansi (44 km)

Swapnil Gaur For mptravelogue.com

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