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10 places in the Heart of India for all you Budget Travellers!

Wanna be a restless wanderer but too conscious about making a hefty investment? Well, settle for no corners when the heart could be bought at a price that’s so wallet-friendly! That’s why we have come up with Ten destinations in the heart of India that could be scaled without affecting your credit card statement!


1. Bhedaghat

Home to breathtaking marble gorges and Dhuandhar Falls, Bhedaghat is the pride of the heart of India! Holy River Narmada cuts through the sharp edges of marble rocks and makes for an exotic, rare view. Another major site – Dhuandhaar falls is a majestic waterfall on river Narmada that derives its name from the misty atmosphere formed when the water plunges onto rocks and gives birth to smoke. Located 25 km from the city of Jabalpur, Bhedaghat is a dream for any budget traveller.


2. Amarkantak

Amarkantak is located at an altitude of 1050 metres where Satpura and Vindhya ranges meet. Holy origin of river Narmada, it has spectacular temples with sacred aura lingering around them. Besides temples it has waterfalls to offer. Surrounded by forests, it has favourable climatic conditions throughout the year. Must visit if you think that serene is beautiful. Nearest station Pendra is 65 km away.


3. Ujjain

One of the most ancient towns of the country, Ujjain is heaven if you’re a pilgrim at heart or sucker of old legendary destinations. It has over 20 charming sites that’ll bowl you over with their magnificent history in the past. Mahakaleshwar, Kaal Bhairav, Bhartrihari caves are awe generating sites that the city boasts of to the entire world. Well connected by trains from all over India; here commuting, accommodation and delectables are light on wallet.


4. Maheshwar

About 90 km away from Indore, the quiet and small town of Maheshwar is considered spectacular beyond beliefs for its ancient bank on river Narmada. Heritage, ancient sites and the mystic land of Omkareshwar at a stone’s throw is surely to be visited when you’re here. Although Barwah is the nearest station, Indore has good connectivity from all over India.


5. Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi, specifically Dhoopgarh, is the highest point of Madhya Pradesh in the beautiful abode of Satpura ranges. A lush green hill station in the heart of India, it could be your weekend escapade to detox and be with nature. The USP would be beautiful weather, good accessibility and reasonable accommodation. No charges at all for taking a refreshing stroll in the lap of nature in evenings! (Nearest station: Pipariya)


6. Orchha

It seems the time never moved at Orchha after the medieval age. The temples and monuments at their original charm and grandeur make for a stunning, rare sight. Also the beautiful temples of Khajuraho are 170 km away; and do we need to say anything about them? Jhansi is the closest station to Orchha and it’s well connected from Delhi, Agra and other major routes.


7. Bhimbetka

A ‘World Heritage Site’, Bhimbetka has 500 painted sandstone shelters. The rock shelters and caves of Bhimbetka exhibit paintings and carvings that tell the tale of early man in Stone Age. The paintings depict dancing, music, horse or elephant riding, decoration of bodies, etc. Just 45 km from Bhopal, reaching Bhimbetka is easy.


8. Shivpuri

Well connected by road and rail, this city presents its visitors with a variety of places to invest their holidays. Best known for Scindia Chhatris embellished with scintillating white marbles, Shivpuri has in store a place for all sorts of travellers. Madhav Park, Son sanctuary and Bura Kho are some of the interesting places to look out for!


9. Mandu

Mandu witnessed a heartbreaking yet epic tale of Roopmati and Baz Bahadur and its monuments will forever echo the songs of their love. A pleasant destination- full of surprises, Mandu’s USP is Jahaz Mahal; an exotic and wonderful palace. Only 80 km from the nearest station Indore, Mandu blooms to its fullest in the season of monsoon!


10. Bhopal

Last but definitely not the least! The crown of Madhya Pradesh, with multitude of places to visit, is a great destination for any budget traveler as it offers variety of ranges in accommodation, food and commuting. The graceful lower lake, Van Vihar, Taj-ul-Masjaid await your valued arrival, dear Guest!

Swapnil Gaur For mptravelogue.com

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