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This conventional route is beyond any description. With a step by step navigation, this route will provide you ample of gateways for quick expedition. You can also stop midway for innumerable food joints that will treat you with typical Madhya Pradesh delicacies. The bumpy ride is surely worth taking.


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Route to Pachmarhi

The moment you take this trail, nothing but the homely feeling of coming to the countryside will linger in your mind. Not only would you wonder how these simple things can be so majestic, but you will also remain in constant awe. This route will start from a narrow and uneven boulevard, but will directly take you atop with some steep slides. One of the best routes to travel on, Pachmarhi is undeniably a place to be at.

Bandhavgarh Tiger 1

Jabalpur- Bandhavgarh

You know you are heading to Bandhavgarh when you start encountering animals, birds and the nuances of flora unlike what you find in your vicinity. Located afar at the distance of 180Km, you will have the privilege of traveling from one of the oldest cities of central India. Thus, one will come across some rare sights of beautiful natural and wildlife phenomena.

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Sanchi Bike Trek

This trek is basically meant for zealous people. If you wish to stumble upon the aesthetic beauty of the state, you must cover Bhopal and then Sanchi. It will cover some magnificent temples and historical places during the trek. This bike trek is beyond description because this is one of the most active routes and therefore one will see some great cultural and local practices.


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Kanha and Bandhavgarh Wildlife Trek

In the event, that you might want to combine natural life trekking escapade and have a huge time with more choices, maybe then you can take the Kanha and Bandhavgarh Wildlife Trek. You ought to have no less than five days under control to appreciate the experience of being in the midst of nature and natural life. The trekking campaign is appraised as moderate to backbreaking, physical wellness and prosperity is an absolute necessity since you would be experiencing nature taking care of business.

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Indore to Jamgate

Of all the places mentioned here, this one’s a personal favorite. Indore is one of the most vivacious cities of Madhya Pradesh; it has the charm of some local sightseeing and great gateways to beauty. Jamgate being one of them has some amazing plant life on both the sides. You might get an eerie kind of feeling, as if you are entering an uncanny place but do not worry, it is just the rarity of the magnificence.


Panna to Jabalpur

This ride of 212km is a must have for everyone who travels to Madhya Pradesh. Several bikers and globetrotters have praised the ruins of the road and the eccentricity that lies in the relics of this place. One ought to feel the aged splendor, so to speak.


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Route to Mandu

Mandu or Mandav, as people called it is a treasure of the bygone to the current days. The epoch about which it speaks about was the time of humongous glory and vigor. Whoever goes to this place is stunned and enthralled by the roads and the kind of picturesque surroundings it has. Old forest, temples, forts, broken monuments, a lot more will start greeting you long before the main entrance.


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Bhedhaghat Marble Rocks and Dhuandhar from Jabalpur

These marble rocks and the expanse of water are a popular tourist destination and home to many major photography sites. You wouldn’t be amazed if I tell you that many Bollywood movies have been shot here. Huge hills and turquoise blue water will crumble down the tiredness off your shoulder. Reaching this place can be a total fun and intriguing ride.

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Jabalpur to Pench

This national park which is home to the renowned Mowgli will not disappoint you right from the start. Situated at the state border of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra, this trail keeps all its visitors captivated by the amusing sites. One can always stop by and capture the scenic glory in the cameras. This trail is a delight for all nature lovers!

India indeed is a wonderful place to live in for all travel freaks. Just imagine who wouldn’t love to experience all nuances of weather in a year or have the pleasure of walking obscure trails that take you to your destination. Madhya Pradesh that dwells right in the center is a budding traveler’s paradise. Sometimes, all it takes is a casual lurk, to open up to the nature, and of course to yourself.

Here are some awe-inspiring routes for adventurous expedition.

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