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10 Luxury Hotels in the Heart of India that offer sinfully indulgent Spa facilities!

Living amidst a world full of commotion, hurly-burly and rat race, one often feels to switch into another world full of peace, quiet and calm. Love thyself too! When all the stress and tension stars mounting up as a result of your hectic lifestyle, it is essential to release all of it from your mind and body.
An aromatic, therapeutic, healing spa could weave magic in ways you’d never imagine. Thus, we bring to you ten luxury hotels in the Heart Of India that not only offer a grand, lavish stay but also help you detox, de-stress and rejuvenate yourself while traveling!

1. Infiniti Kanha Wilderness, Kanha National Park

Soothe your senses and break into utmost relaxation bit by bit amid the virgin woods of Kanha. Infiniti Wilderness is a quiet, sophisticated resort in the heart of Kanha National Park. Nothing tranquilizes better than a spa with your head placed in Nature’s own lap.

2. Ramada, Khajuraho

Ramada is considerably affordable among all the spa lovers. Its services sweep the guest off their feet. Its tantalizing lavishness is unmatched! Just step in the spa room and step out radiant- physically and mentally.

Amar mahal orchha

3. Amar Mahal, Orchha

The luxurious spa room at Amar Mahal is an escapade to soothing aromas and impeccable calm. Pamper yourself while you’re visiting this vintage town of Orchha where time never moved on from the 16th century.


4. Courtyard by Marriott, Bhopal

A lavish hotel in the heart of the heart of India, Marriott is a brand that speaks for itself. Indulge and pamper yourself with top body essential oils at Courtyard by Marriott! A fresh juice before going for the spa and you’ll end up beautiful and glowing.

5. Hotel Clarks, Khajuraho

In the lush green grasslands on the bank of River Khuddar, the latest addition to Clarks group of hotels escorts the guests with unmatched warmth! Have an unparalleled experience of full service spa here and check out de-stressed.

lalit spa

6. The Lalit Temple, Khajuraho

The epitome of luxury offers you rejuvenation like no other. Located only half a kilometer from Khajuraho temples,Lalit Temple is your platter to choose if you love thyself. Step in for a healing, relaxing, serene session of spa in a room draped in exotic fragrances at The Lalit!

usha kiran_palace

7. UshaKiran Palace, Gwalior

The luxurious hotel with outstanding suits and friendly staff has a lot to offer when it comes to spa treatments. From relaxing the muscles to the detoxification of the skin, the practitioners use modern equipments but keeping in mind the ancient techniques from which spas and aromatherapies have been derived.

Jehan numa palace

8. JehanNuma Palace, Bhopal

Ideally situated in the capital city of the heart of India, JehanNuma Palace would provide you with the warmest staff, sinful delicacies and a stay drenched in luxury.JehanNuma Palace is an abode of invigorating therapies and spa that’ll leave the guest exhilarated.

Samode safari

9. Samode Safari Lodge,Bandhavgarh.

Inspired by South African resorts, Samode is an island of unconventional luxury surrounded by the sea of wilderness on all sides. Combine the wildlife spotting with luxurious therapeutic spa. An extravagant session of Spa here would melt your stress and all muscle tension!

Radisson blu spa

10. Radisson Blu, Khajuraho

One of the top ambassadors of hospitality, Radisson Blu at Khajuraho offers an incredible aromatherapy and spa session for the rejuvenation of beleaguered & weary senses. Let off all toxins and fly a new flight in the city that never shied away from exhibiting love!

Swapnil Gaur For mptravelogue.com

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