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Hussain Tekri Jaora – The eerie exorcism

Built in the 19th Century by the Nawab of Jaora, this tekri has been famous for its infamous reasons. Construction of an overnight pool and spotting night riders on horse, which are believed to be souls of martyrs, is an amazing anecdote which is attached to the chronicles of this place. Not just India, but people from around the globe come and visit this place during the month of Muharram. It is mostly known for freeing bodies from jinns, ghosts or any other eerie influence.

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Kawadia Pahad – Typical rowdy stones

What appears to be a rumor is, in fact, the sheer truth. These stones are to be found in Ratanpur, Dewas. The queer phenomenon which varies them from any other stone around the globe is their quality of producing a different sound. Present in clusters and in different shape, when hammered with a different stone, all of these produce their own unique sound which is in no way similar to the ones present nearby.


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Bhasmarti Ujjain – Praying to the lord of ghosts

Bhasmarti at Mahakaleshwar is known to people across thousands of miles. It is not just an ordinary aarti, but entails some inimitable gestures that differentiate it from any other aarti. The ceremony lasts for one and a half minute but has immense sublime aura to it. The Bhasam being used during the process is nothing other than the ashes of a dead person, which are acquired from funeral pyres.

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Balancing Rock - Rocks that reveal awe

Madhya Pradesh is a land of amusements. The Balancing Rock is the case of the disintegrated volcanic rock developments. The rock adjusts on the colossal base by simply touching it marginally. Yet it is beyond beliefs that the Balancing Rock survived even in tremor of extent 6.5. It is said that it’s difficult to bother the parity of this rock.


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Pachhmari - Amalgamation of wonders

Of all the things that you don’t know about this state, there is this one place that you ought to know. Pachhmari is Madhya Pradesh’s charm. It has collected and profoundly saved the relics of the bygone with much grace. Not only just one, but for visitors who seek unfathomable charm, it has numerous old caves, monuments, spots, waterfalls etc. It embraces mountains and with the very look of it, one will agree that there is something about this place that embodies astonishing richness.

A devotee, believed to be possessed by evil spirits, cries in a state of trance as she walks around the courtyard of Guru Deoji Maharaj temple during a ghost fair at Malajpur village in Betul district in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh January 26, 2013. People from across India come to this fair to be exorcised of ëevil spiritsí. They are usually brought by relatives and they are most often women. The exorcism involves running around the temple courtyard to make the 'ghost' weak then being beaten by a priest with a broom. Picture taken January 26, 2013. REUTERS/Danish Siddiqui (INDIA - Tags: SOCIETY RELIGION) ATTENTION EDITORS: PICTURE 5 OF 24 FOR PACKAGE 'INDIAN GHOSTBUSTERS' SEARCH 'INDIA GHOST' FOR ALL IMAGES - RTR3DD3J

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Ghost Buster – A town that calls for ghosts

Malajpur village in Madhya Pradesh invites people at the Guru Deoji Maharaj temple where who believes that they are possessed by evil spirits come to be exorcised. They are usually brought by relatives and they are most often women. They come on the occasion of Paush Purnima (the full moon) as it is seen as the most auspicious night of the month. The fair has been taking place for the last 250 years, the head priest said.


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Kaal Bhairav - Deity that drinks alcohol

You know you would start believing in God when you will see a deity made out of nothing but an idol made out of stone. This temple which was made by King Badrasenan holds immense importance for pilgrims. What’s queer about this place is that the deity drinks alcohol and that’s a mystery for millions. You will find them drinking bottles of wine and whiskey, but the process holds no explanation. For what it’s worth, it’s a sight worth seeing.

Hindola Mahal, Mandu

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Mandu – A fort that homes its deceased owners

Mandu is a very well known historical site in Madhya Pradesh. The city is likewise renowned for the fanciful sentimental story of Rani Roopmati and Baz Bahadur which still haunts the place, as said by the locals. The mysterious magnificence of the landmarks, in the midst of the sprawling lavish green scene and the purple nightfall sky, paints the live picture of the former period. The impact is finished by the rich surroundings of mango, tamarind and banyan trees.

Bhopal fort--asibhopal

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Haunted fort in Bhopal - Dance of evil spirits

The city of lakes and beautiful mosques never ceases to surprise its spectators. Almost every day it attracts people who come here to enjoy lake rides in a landlocked area. But did you know that this area has a 2100 years old fort which is home for many spirits and ghosts? The uncanny activities that happen here attract people who live in the nearby vicinity by the sound it produces. It is said that all those who tried going in or unraveling the mystery behind it were either killed or found dead.

Rock Shelter one at Bhimbetka--thinkingparticle

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Bhimbetka Rock Shelters – Unraveling the evolution

The Bhimbetka is an archeological site of the Paleolithic Age, showing the most accurate and terse hints of human life on the Indian subcontinent. It is spotted in the Raisen region of Madhya Pradesh, inside the Ratapani Wildlife Sanctuary. This cave has been listed as World Heritage Site in 2003 and comprises of rock paintings as old as 30,000 old depicting the evolution of mankind.

Madhya Pradesh has always remained a placid destination, filled with numerous temples, shrines, mosques and holy places. The people who reside here have been overwhelmed with the presence of deities.

Shewali Tiwari

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