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10 Hottest New Travel Experiences for 2016!

Tribal Museum

1. Tribal Museum, Bhopal

Tribal museum Bhopal holds a priceless treasure of Madhya pradesh’s art and culture. Sculpted and crafted by Tribal Artisans from all over the state, the Museum is sure to captivate you with its brilliance. You’ll find wrestling images smeared in mud, terracotta images, and art like Paper Mache and beautifully sculpted working models hanging around you!

Bhoj Adventure fest

2. Bhoj Adventure Fest, Bhopal

One of the most happening events that take place in Bhojpur, Bhopal, is the Bhoj Adventure fest that brings together Adventure lovers with its thrilling adventure sports and activities that engage enthusiasts in activities like Trekking and Parasailing. The week long fest is something you would not want to miss because of the variety of Activities and the huge inflow of adventure loving youth here.


3. TinchaFalls, Indore

25km from Indore, Tincha falls are your ideal weekend getaway. The fall drops from 300ft and you can even have a dip in the upstream river. Settled between lush greenery it offers a beautiful haven for you to relax and a perfect spot for a day full of fun and frolic.

River rafting

4. River Rafting, Orchha

For a close encounter with the alluring RiverBetwa, try River Rafting at Orchha. MP Tourism organizes river safaris here. Beginning from the scenic KanchanaGhat, the 90-min package (31/2 km) culminates at Shiv Ghat with refreshments; the 3-hr package (6 km) includes breakfast or lunch at Shiv Ghat and goes up to Note Ghat. The raft accommodates a maximum of six persons. Monsoon (July-Aug), when the river is in full swing, is the best time to raft; there might not be enough water in some summer and winter months.


5. Flame of the Forest near Indore (Overnight stay)

Flame of the Forest is a dream getaway for Nature Lovers and naturalists alike. Loaded with a number of adventure sports, outdoor activites and camps Flame of the Forest is one experience you’d love to have with the perfect blend of leisure and adventure.

Ropeway Bhedaghat

6. Rope way at Bedaghat or Boating in the evening of Full Moon

Get up close to the marble Rocks and explore the plunges of River Narmada, The Ropeway ride offers a complete panoramic view of the Marble Rock splendours at Bhedaghat. Going for a boatride on a Full Moon Night is one of a kind experience where you get close to the glistening marble rocks that Change hues and colours under the Tantalising effect of Moonlight.


7. National Museum of Humankind, Bhopal (Take a walk inside)

An anthropology museum the National Museum of Humankind showcases an integrated story about the Evolution of Man and Culture with special reference to India. The museum beautifully presents the story of mankind in Time and space. Located in Shyamla Hills, Bhopal a walk through this museum is a refreshing experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

Van vihar

8. Van Vihar National Park, Bhopal (Bicycle tour in the morning)

A nature enthusiast’s haven, a Bike Ride through Van Vihar National Park will provide you with a kick-start full of natural bliss and health at the same time. Nothing beats beginning your day admiring the beauty and flaora and fauna of Mother Nature.


9. Bandhavgarh Fort

Apart from being home to the Striped Beast, Bandhavgarh stands out as one of the most unexplored places that Madhya Pradesh has to offer. There is so much more to Bandhavgarh than just spotting a Tiger. It has in store for you adventures like Thrilling Elephant Rides, Wildlife Safaris into the dense forest, Nature Walks, Campfires and What Not.

Rehwa Society

10. Rehwa Society, Maheshwar

If the magnificent Maheshwar Ghats are too mainstream for you, then pay a visit to the Queen’s Fort and between the breathtaking palace and two stone temples you’ll find a doorway to one of the most sought after crafts cooperative societies of Central India. Working for the betterment of handloom weavers, Rehwa Society deserves much more recognition than what it gets today.

Zahra Gulrez For mptravelogue.com

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