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10 Books to definitely glance upon if planning to visit the Heart of India!

“Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail”

Originally said for better management, this quote fits every walk of life including travel and itinerary. Majority of travellers realise it is wise to plan their accommodation and commutation rather than reaching the destination without any reservations and knowledge of the sights around.

Here are the ten books that will act as your guide and provide you sharp insights into the Heart of India.


1. Outlook Traveller Getaways: Madhya Pradesh

A book that vividly scales the heart of India’s historical, spiritual and cultural aspects! Covering every info about all sorts of destinations viz, cities, hill stations, historical places, reserves and national parks, Outlook also plunges into stories about the valour of Laxmi Bai, the grandeur of Scindias and the undisputed beauty of Khajuraho temples.
Trust us, it’s a grab at Rs. 300- Paperback. Could be purchased online and at a bookstore near you.


2. Lonely Planet: Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh

‘Lonely Planet guides are simply like no other’ – NY Times
Take a guidance from the most renowned travel writers and publishers, who themselves travelled through the heart of India to bring about this book- how impeccable! Includes Maps, Where to stay, where to eat, sights not to be missed, etc.
In their official statement they say, “The vast but unassuming state of Madhya Pradesh doesn’t roar for attention but grows deeply from within.”
MRP: Rs 600- Ebook available online

Madhya Pradesh the heart of india

3. Madhya Pradesh: The Heart of India.

Published by Eicher Goodearth Limited, it’s a world-class guide, precise and handy that gives a good insight while planning an itinerary in the heart of India. Popular among new and old buyers, it’s a reasonable and wise pick at Rs. 200-Paperback. Buy online or at a store near you!

Madhya Pradesh Unhurried, Unspoilt

4. Madhya Pradesh: Unhurried, Unspoilt and Undiscovered

Not technically a guide, Probir Sen’s book is a canvas of varied shades of the heart of India, which takes the reader on a charming tour of ancient monuments, unique townships, unspoilt and wildlife sanctuaries. It bestows upon Madhya Pradesh a rare title of a state having myriad of variety in whatever it offers.
MRP: Rs 695- Paperback/ E-book. Buy online or at a store near you!

DK Eyewitnesses

5. DK Eyewitness Travel Guide.

Well received and reviewed by the readers, this product by DK publishing is studded with photographs, illustrations and maps. Its USP is 3-D aerial views of the cities and towns. Price N/A.
Paperback/Ebook. Buy it online or at a store near you.


6. Land of The Striped Stalker.

Often known as ‘Tigerland’, Madhya Pradesh shelters the majority of tiger population in India. Apart from the renowned Kanha and Bandhavgarh, the state has many other reserves. Land of the Striped Stalker is especially for that niche of wildlife aficionados who seek thrill in spotting tigers.
Provides a detailed info about the wildlife reserves in the heart of India all in one place.
MRP: Rs 695- Hardcover. Buy it online!


7. Temples of Madhya Pradesh

Swati Mitra’s book is a priceless companion for the spiritual travelers and pilgrims. Provides in-depth knowledge of religious sites in the heart of India. Simple and easy on wallet, you won’t ask for more.
MRP: Rs 190- Paperback. Buy online or at a store near you!


8. Weekend Getaways from Delhi in Madhya Pradesh

Breaking the myths among Delhiites, the book unveils time and cost efficient destinations in Madhya Pradesh that could be travelled over a weekend.
What are you waiting for? We’re ready to welcome you. MRP: Rs. 210- Paperback. Buy it online!

rockart of mp

9. Rock Art Of Madhya Pradesh Travel Guide

Having a collection of 120 photographs and precise, updated details about every major city, this book is a perfect guide for every kind of traveller. MRP: Rs. 210- Paperback. Buy it online!

the heartland of divinity

10. The Heartland of Divinity

Wisdom tree Publishers’ elite book flawlessly dives into the raw and remote cultures and areas of the Heart of India. Known as the home of biggest tribal population, Madhya Pradesh’s local customs, rituals and traditions are innumerable, varied yet interestingly colourful. The book highlights the state’s fairs and festivals that one shouldn’t miss.
Price: N/A. Buy online!

Swapnil Gaur For mptravelogue.com

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