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10 Beautiful Mountaintop Resorts in Pachmarhi; the Queen of Satpura!

Who doesn’t love the majestic and misty mountains? They don’t speak, yet promise fresh air, pleasant weather, beautiful valleys and thrilling gorges. What if they also promised cozy and comfortable stay in their abode?
Here we bring to you 10 Mountaintop resorts in the mystic land of Pachmarhi. 10 resorts in the heart of India, where you will sense a ‘piece of home’.


1. Champak Bungalow

An ideal place for those who believe simple is dignified; Champak Bungalow gets its name from the beautiful tress that surround it. An array of blossoming flowers escorts the guest inside the bungalow. The bungalow stands at its majestic charm when lit flaxen in the evenings. Accommodate here to add four moons to your itinerary.(Price range: 10,230Rs. – 10,356Rs.)

Glen view

2. Glen View

EnrouteDhoopgarh you’ll find Glen View resort which is ideally away from the hustle bustle of the town. It features Swiss cottages and rooms. Check in while exploring the rugged Pachmarhi to retire in a cozy bed and wake up overlooking a splash of green garden. Nothing rejuvenates better! (Price range: Rs 3,290 – Rs. 4,690)


3. Welcome Heritage GolfView

Welcome Heritage is an archaic British style resorted bungalow with spacious rooms and an indie aura, where you can be yourself. Be it having lunch in the lush garden or a nice talk with fellow travelers over bonfire. At Welcome Heritage Golf View, you would be as thoughtful as an artist or thoughtless as Zen. But you’ll never be the same, we bet!‎(Price range: 4,393 – 13,682)

Rock End Manor

4. Rock end Manor

A resorted manor situated on a hillock with six grand rooms. It offers a panoramic view which could be a treat for weary eyes. Undoubtedly one of the best accommodations in Pachmarhi with home-like feel and delicacies!(Price range: 4900)

woodland bungalow

5. Woodland Bungalow

Lying close to the heart of the town, Woodland is yet another vintage bungalow with modernized interiors. Offering apt facilities and prompt services,retire in its huge lavish rooms and shed off the tiredness of the traveling day. (‎Price range: 8,975 – 9,038)

Hotel Highlands

6. Hotel Highlands

Away from the hustle-bustle of the marketplace, Hotel Highlands has proved to be a paradise if one is vacationing with family. Take a little break and spend time in quietude, without compromising on comfort and services, with your near and dear ones. And that smile on your kids’ faces could be so easy on your wallet, you’d never believe. (Price range: Rs 1790- 2150)

Hilltop bungalow

7. Hilltop Bungalow

Representing the British architecture in today’s era alongwith chimneys, etc, Hilltop Bungalow proves to be an abode for connoisseurs of good accommodation. True! Why settle for less when you have paradise in reach!(‎Price range: 2,385 – 2,699)


8. CalorVanasthali Cottages

CalorVanasthali is a mid-segment resort having eight independent cottages and five cozy tents. Located on the peaceful side of Pachmarhi with extensive gardens and space, it makes for an ideal place for children. (‎Price range: 5,460 – 5,711)

9. Evelyn's Own Heritage home

Now Evelyn’s might not be everyone’s platter of sweets but it has much in store for the niche of travelers who like to experience ‘Old world charms’ in their rooms. For instance, vintage interiors and a wood-burning fireplace, evenings spent in such places have a magic of some sort, who’d deny!(Price: Rs 3000)

Satpura retreat

10. Satpura Retreat

Last on our list but one of the most popular and sought after resorts in Pachmarhi, Satpura Retreat is an ideal place to breathe, relax yourself and be indulgent. A heritage property with only six rooms, Satpura is 4 km away from the marketplace. Situated in an ideal, tantalizing location, it’s one of the resorts that everyone’s heard of and looks forward to visit. Well, don’t hold back’ is all we’d say!(‎Price range: 3,590 – 4,690)

Swapnil Gaur For mptravelogue.com

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