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Taj ul Masajid, Bhopal

Residing as the Crown of Mosques, Taj-ul-Masajid was erected by Sultan Shah Jahan Begum of Bhopal. The imposing structure is adorned with breathtaking examples of Mughal style of Architecture, with its magnificent Domes and Marbled floors. The Gigantic structure not only humbles you down but also offers the perfect environment with peaceful vibes and sanctity.

Jama Masjid, Burhanpur

Jama Masjid, Burhanpur

Standing in the very Heart of the City, Jama Masjid boasts minarets reaching across the skyline of Burhanpur. Exhibiting stunning Islamic Architecture, the Mosque is one of the well preserved historical structures of Madhya Pradesh. You might just find yourself, lost amidst the series of beautiful Arches and in the glint of its sparkling White Marble.

Moti Masjid Bhopal

Moti Masjid, Bhopal

A strikingly beautiful mosque built by the Iconic, Liberal and Progressive Sikander Jehan Begum of Bhopal. Moti Masjid lures you into its Peace and Serenity with the marvelous Marble Façade. Its stunning minarets adorned with golden spikes, carved out of Red Sandstone are believed to be the Gateway to Heaven on earth. Indeed the place has a other worldly charm and appeals to all of your senses.

Malik Mughith's Mosque

Malik Mughis Mosque, Mandu

Belonging to the first phase of Muslim Architecture in India, Malik Mughis Mosque exudes history with every brick and pillar. With a beautifully projected porch, a set of arched corridors and small turrets the mosque speaks of the bygones and of the Grandeur it once carried. One visit and you are sure to be mesmerized by the timelessness and beauty of this place.

jama masjid, bhopal

Jama Masjid, Bhopal

Another important Historical and Architectural splendor was erected in the form of Jama Masjid by Qudsiya Begum in 1837. With its towering minarets, remarkable architecture and a cooled by a pond in the premises there is no better place to find the peace within and establish a connection with your creator.

Dargah-e Hakimi Mosque

Dargah- e- Hakimi, Burhanpur

A tomb of Sayyedi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin, Dargah-e-Hakimi is frequented by pilgrims from all over the world.  Known for his Piety, Humility and extreme eruditeness, his personality had enough to impart lessons of a lifetime. The place is adorned with Three Glimmering Marble Tombs along with beautifully maintained lush gardens and a world-class accommodation facility for the pilgrims within the premises.

Dhai Seedhi ki Masjid

Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid, Bhopal

Popular as one of the smallest mosques in Asia, Dhai Seedhi Ki Masjid is a small yet impactful piece of architecture and signifies the deep devotion that resulted in its construction.  Made to facilitate daily prayers for the guards of the watch tower where it stands in, the mosque is small in area but is relatively gigantic in its capacity to set one at peace.


Jami Masjid, Mandu

Spread out with a magnificent structure, Jami Masjid arrests you in its charm from the very moment you set eyes upon it.  Inspired by the great Mosque of Damascus, It is adorned with perfect domes, series of arches, imposing pillars and a lush courtyard.  Devoid of any decorations the simplicity of the structure is striking yet pleasing at the same time.

Husain Tekri, jaora

Husain Tekri, Jaora

Built in 19th century by a Nawab of Jaora, Husain tekri is adorned with 6 shrines in its vicinity. The shrines here are said to be the exact replica of the ones in Iraq and therefore thousands of people visit here every year. The place is full of legends and myths and is believed to cure all sorts of incurable illness.

Kanoon Saheb, Gwalior

Dargah Khwaja Kanoon Sahib, Gwalior

A revered shrine, in the city of Gwalior the Dargah is a memorial for Khwaja Kanoon Sahib who died in 1940 Hijri, according to the Islamic Calendar. It is popular among the believers that visiting the place for 40 consecutive days fulfills many wishes.

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