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31 March, 2015

~The Marvel of Medieval Architecture~

My relationship with Gwalior goes back to sultry summers, school vacations, ‘matar poha’ and family. Gwalior was like a second home to me but it was only until recently that I realized what this city has to offer to travellers. Having travelled there for the first time as an adult last summer, I had the opportunity to unfurl the heart of Incredible India. The city has limitless options for ones looking for a historically prominent and culturally deep-rooted experience. Since most of the forts, archaeological sites and palaces are from Vedic age to the Indian Rebellion of 1857, I had a chance to visually experience history. I had a particularly enriching experience at ‘Ek Patthar ki Bawdi’, which are caves carved out of one single rock. The caves also bear damage caused by Britishers from the first independence movement of 1857. Gwalior holds major historical significance since it is the place where Rani Laxmi Bai died during the Great Rebellion of 1857. The city is a blessing for people who are culturally and musically inclined since it is the birthplace of Mian Tansen who was Hindustani classical musical composer during the Mugal Era. The Gwalior Fort is worth mentioning for its grand structure, magnificent architecture and historical significance. I was left mesmerized hearing the tour guide and reading about its history and legacy. Gwalior also offers luxury and grandeur to the ones looking for it. The Jai Vilas Palace is by far one of the most stunning Palaces in the entire country and staying at Hotel Usha Kiran certainly makes you feel like you are staying at a palace and dining like a king. Before concluding my travel monologue, I have to mention that this city is the heart of Incredible India in its truest sense. Every travel enthusiast will not be satiated with just one single visit; this city has the appeal of multiple excursions!

Sanya Bhatnagar-
Advocate |Travel Enthusiast,

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