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Shewali Tiwari

An ardent traveller and quite zealous about it, Shewali has travelled India voraciously, and for all the wisdom that she gained during the process she has one thing to say- it will never cease to inspire her. She possesses a heart with a creative bubble, a knack for music and a fondness for short stories!

Swapnil Gaur

Swapnil Gaur is a Mumbai-based writer, commercial model and a stage actor. An avid traveller, he believes in impulsive set offs than planning itineraries. Maybe you’ll run into him in an-eerily-quiet hill station or trekking along an abandoned railroad or taking a swim on a forlorn beach!

Zahra Gulrez

Someone has very truly said “We Travel not to Escape Life but for Life Not to Escape Us.” Zahra is an English Literature graduate and her love for Travelling is no less than her passion for Writing!
Travelling gives her a whole new perspective to the way she looks at things and Writing aids her need to let out all that she sees and feels about the milieu around her. She believes, Travelling and that urge to know and see everything is what awakens you and gives you a completely new set of eyes to adore the world and the creations that lie within it!

Divya Bhandari, Mumbai

Born and brought up in Indore, so naturally she is a foodie! Always on a SEE food diet, Divya regularly writes food reviews.Having lived in Indore, Mumbai, Pune and Canberra, she has experienced a lot of cuisines, but she says nothing beats Poha Jalebi!

Nikita Kothari, Bhopal

Nikita loves to discover places and share her travel tales. She mostly looks at the world through her camera and believes in preserving those memories for a lifetime. She says ‘Storytelling is great fun and especially when it is about your own endeavors.’

Vibhushi Patwa, Indore

She intends to make people look at the world through her eyes, nay her words. With a fresh perspective and a mind full of thoughts eager to be shared, she believes that a life without appreciating each and every corner of this bewitchingly crafted world, is a life in vain! Being infected with wanderlust, she goes by the words- ‘blessed are the curious, for they shall have adventures’!

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