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Away from the din and excruciating pace of our day to day lives, adventurous expeditions into the wild sound like the perfect escapade. The Tiger Safari offers such enchanting experiences into the doting arms of Mother Nature. Amidst the blooming start-ups industry of Madhya Pradesh, The Tiger Safari stands out for its distinctive approach into eco-tourism. Working with several NGO’s The Tiger Safari does not only render memorable experiences into the realms of nature but also strives to maintain an ethical business model along with conservation and preservation of wildlife.


The Tiger Safari is the brainchild of two young and dynamic wildlife photographers from Jabalpur, Nature and their passion for wildlife was their calling and they chose to work for it. Akash Nagar, a wildlife photographer by profession and Saptarishi Saigal, a stock broker with a love for wildlife photography became acquainted during their trips to Kanha National Park and the mutual love and passion for wildlife and nature resulted in the genesis of The Tiger Safari.


When asked about their Unique Selling Point, Mr. Akash Nagar describes The Tiger Safari as an organisation that is single minded about providing the best wildlife experience one can fancy. The services provided by us are carefully designed and customised according to the needs of our clients. Years of expertise and seasoned travellers come together here to give you the best spectacles to explore and adore nature in its unadulterated garb without it being heavy on your pocket. According to him the seed of this start up took root with photography and correlative love and admiration for nature between both the founders of The Tiger Safari. Along with the desire to pursue their passions a concern for the conservation and protection of wildlife was the sole reason that brought them together in this venture.


Unravelling the mysteries that nature holds safe within the dense forests of Kanha, the varied flora and fauna spread over Bharatpur, Satpura, Bandhavgarh and Panna. The Tiger Safari offers all sorts of travelling expeditions from photography tours to educational trips to an excursion cum picnic. The tours are customised based on the age group as well as existing knowledge of the travellers about wildlife and nature. Accompanying the tourists are adept naturalists, skilled photographers and seasoned local guides that make sure you do not miss a single bit of the majestic wilderness. The skilled photographers make sure you capture the enthralling beauty around you without actually affecting the natural habitat of the animals. The local guides not only help showing around but also educate and make you aware of the natural neighbourhood and the tribal culture of the region.

You need to get away from the ruckus of this city life into the soothing arms of nature but cannot spare more than 3 days then fretnot, The Tiger Safari provides you with a Core Safari (3 Days, 4 Nights). Your itinerary will look something like this:

  • DAY-1: Arrival to Kanha National Park, Orientation sessions and introduction. Lunch served at Kanha Eco Lodge followed by your first Jungle Safari. Post Safari Teatime snacks followed by a bonfire and dinner at the resort.
  • DAY-2: Early Morning wake up call- post tea/coffee an open jeep Safari with the Naturalists. Breakfast post Safari followed by a discussion on photography and wildlife. Evening Safari followed by dinner and overnight stay.
  • DAY-3: The day begins with a morning safari followed by breakfast and departure to home town.
  • The Core Safari can be modified according to your needs and preferences; including as well as excluding further places and sight seeing.

Zahra Gulrez For mptravelogue.com

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