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Stationed at the banks of river Narmada, Maheshwar is home not only to some of India’s greatest temples but also renders India’s most praiseworthy handloom traditions. Maheshwari Fabric is celebrated for its light and airy yet lustrous tissue. The genesis of weaving traditions in Maheshwar dates back to 18th century India when the town was under the rule of Queen Ahilyabai Holkar who has been accredited to have brought forth weavers from Surat and designed this unique fabric especially for the royalty.

A woman weaves a sari at on a traditional hand-loom at Rehwa Society

Rehwa Society is a Not for Profit organisation founded by the Royal Holkar Family of Indore with the goal of providing impetus to the weaving community of Maheshwar while safeguarding their interests. The society began working in 1978, countering the need to revive the weaving industry of Maheshwar after its decline during the post independence era.


Weaving Livelihood:

Rehwa revitalizes the centuries old weaving tradition of Maheshwar and enhancing the lives of weavers by offering its income directly into deft hands of the weavers. The intricate textiles manufactured here are then traded all across India. Also additional income is used to sustain the health care services, Housing facilities and a school for the weaver’s families and their children.

The vibrant Maheshwari fabric with its traditional motifs and intrinsic details is one of the most essential threads to the warp and weft of handlooms of Madhya Pradesh. Maheshwari fabrics hold a special place in the textile industry for their lightness, elasticity and fine thread counts. The subtle earthy and jewel tones along with its delicate textures and geometrical motifs are what drive it apart from all other silken weaves.



A Noble cause, Weaving In- Style:

Over the period of time Rehwa Textiles have managed to capture not only Indian markets but have also experienced a hike in global appeal. Timeless motifs and classic colours are relished by the huge consumer base of Rehwa Textiles. Rehwa promotes fair wages for its weavers and artisans as well as endorses work- from- home, a concept popular among present day start-ups as a way to enrich productivity and satisfaction among their personnel.

The Royal Revival:

Rehwa with its rich products and a very loyal consumer base presents two collections per year- A Summer Collection and a Festive Collection. Its array of merchandise ranges from Sarees, Dupattas, and Fabrics to their expat collection of Stoles, Shawls and Scarves. Rehwa also showcases a Home line of products consisting of Table Linen, Cushion Covers, Runners, Curtain Panels and Bed Linen. The textiles created here are spun in Silk, Linen, Cotton, Wool and Tussar.


Nurturing Skills:

Apart from providing employment to the artisans and ensuring fair wages Rehwa also extends them the opportunity to grow. Rehwa nurtures it’s artisans by providing in-house training to the weavers in order to develop their standards.

Rehwa chiefly relies on Trunk Shows and Exhibitions to attract valuable consumers. They now look up to social media as a source to reach more people.


Zahra Gulrez

For mptravelogue.com

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