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Meet Girish Mahale: The IITian who left a job at IBM to bring a change!

Girish Mahale

If you have an M.tech degree from IIT Kharagpur, with a great job package and a job with the IBM, what would you do with your life? Work hard, Party harder, socialize and enjoy life? Meet Girish Mahale, who came back to his hometown of Pandurna in Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh, leaving it all behind to start Pratyaya EduResearch Lab. The approach is to focus all the resources, effort and research on a systematic improvement in quality of education in the government schools, especially in the rural areas.

Since his childhood Girish felt an incessant urge to bring about a change in the existing methodologies of the public education system without any compromise on its affordability. He had a firsthand experience of the public education system and therefore he ardently wanted to improve the quality of education for the local communities using local resources and knowledge base.

Here comes into the picture Pratyaya Eduresearch Lab, a non-profit social organization that works towards quality and equity in education. It was established in 2014 with a vision to provide the society with a meaningful, innovative and high quality education which is affordable for all.

Girish believes that his three-tier education model can help in achieving a certain level of credibility and consciousness for the current system of education. These sorts of social interventions in our public education system can be a boon for the adivasis and other restrained and financially adverse group where coexisting curriculum can lead to an education, which is equitable and exemplary at the same time and will create change-makers for a better tomorrow.

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