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~Innate Cravings: A chat with one of the youngest adventurers of India!~

Whether going to the shop around the corner or discovering four corners of the world, Hitchhiking is one of the most adventurous and cheapest means of transport in present day world. Well if you go by the dictionary meaning, Hitchhike is to travel by standing on the side of the road and soliciting rides from the passing vehicles. On a lighter note Hitchhiking is basically one traveller (on foot) trying  to get a lift (ride) from another traveller (with a vehicle) on the road.



That being said; travelling by hitchhiking has numerous experiences and life lessons for every traveller. Therefore here we are bringing one such amazing hitchhiker to the limelight. Aakash Mishra, 20yrs (Yeah! He’s just 20!!) Who in his never ending thirst for exploring new places and travelling endlessly just completed a hitchhiking journey of 3,500kms spanning 5 states and 12 cities throughout India by going penniless (Yup…its possible!).  Aakash with bachelors in Business Administration is from Indore, Madhya Pradesh and loves to travel. He is also a super cyclist, a certified ethical hacker and founder of The Golden Bird Foundation- TGBF (*sweats* too many achievements for one person!


Out of all the conventional ways of travelling at an easy disposal, he chooses to hitchhike. All because according to him “Hitchhiking makes travelling all the more worthwhile, adventurous and challenging for me. And I love to embrace these challenges.” He believes hitchhiking has numerous real -time experiences and major life- lessons to offer and that’s something we definitely shouldn’t be missing out on. Aakash has been to Biaora, Gwalior and Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh including cities like Agra, Mathura, Vrindavan, Aligarh, Delhi and Jaipur during his hitchhiking trip around the country.



When asked about his journey Aakash says “It has been one amazing trip! This experience taught me some major life-lessons, and believe me when I say that all of your struggle; every bit of effort that you put in always pays off in the end.”(Now that’s some life advice!) I probed him what if someday I want to go hitchhiking, what would be your advice then? “All a true traveller needs is his confidence, courage and that thirst to explore new places. You could do great with a good positive attitude and
attentiveness when en route.” So, if any of you travel junkies ever plan to go hitchhiking around the world here’s your tip: Do Not Forget your backpack of Confidence and Courage! 😀



For travellers going to explore Madhya Pradesh Aakash suggests its better to keep aside your preconceptions about this place and do not restrict yourselves. Because India is a land of diversity  and Madhya Pradesh is the heart of this nation which offers a plethora of diverse cultures and people. So you never know what Central India has in store for you, and believe me it will surprise you!


In addition to its natural prowess Madhya Pradesh offers a rich historical heritage and a window into the ancient cultures of India. So why wait any longer? Just pack your bags and come visit us!!

Zahra Gulrez

For mptravelogue.com

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