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You must be wondering by now that how two very different and sometimes antonymous terms like Royalty and Organic have come together here. Well then allow us to introduce you to Central India’s first Organic fair of its kind.
Piece of natural soap.
Endorsing a Nationwide project with Earth Day Network, the Royal Family of Gwalior has opened the gates to its Royal Heritage that is the Deo Bagh Palace to host Gwalior’s First Ever Organic Fair.
Organic spices
The 17th century complex with its blooming gardens and stunning cenotaphs will host the event where organisations from all over the country are coming to display and sell a variety of Organic, Natural and Recycled Products. And this is your chance to pick-up some great Natural, Eco-friendly stuff like Clothing, Accessories, Linen and Décor items, Handicrafts, Skin and Hair care products, Groceries, Spices, Textiles and much more!
The Gorgeous Deo Bagh Palace is also organising an Exclusive Luncheon Banquet, the menu to which consists of a sumptuous Indian Cuisine dished out of all natural/ organic ingredients!

Zahra Gulrez

For mptravelogue.com

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