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Let’s purely Talk Travel on MP Travelogue.


Splendid Cenotaphs | Tranquil Temples| Serene lakes| Scrumptious Food| Ravishing rock shelters| Sublime Stupas| Glorious Ghats| Palatial Architecture| Sumptuous Forts

Let’s purely Talk Travel on MP Travelogue. There is something for each one of you. Engage and help us promote ‘The Heart of India’ across the Globe!


Established, Designed, Structured, Conceptualized
Tanushree Patwa, Indore
Networking, Marketing, Business Building
Shrey Khandelwal, Delhi
Development, Design
Chetaru, Indore

We strive to showcase the best of Madhya Pradesh by engaging communities on a common platform, bringing together avid travellers, starving to explore more every day, every second.

Keeping in mind the exquisite and boundless travel experiences that Madhya Pradesh has to offer, we have set out to cater to our fellow travellers, a slice of India’s cultural and historical capital. Explore the unexplored. Join us today, to truly experience The Heart of the nation!

mptravelogue.com is not the official website of Madhya Pradesh, nor is it affiliated with the official tourism board or a publishing house. We therefore guarantee insightful, unbiased and compelling information on what’s hot and what’s not in The Heart of India!

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