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11 Places To Stay

places to stay

Ahilya Fort, Maheshwar-

Living inside a fort, quite literally at a price you cannot say no to is a dream worth killing for. Spacious rooms with delicacies created from natural milieu are pretty impressive. Don’t miss it for the world.

Narmada Retreat Maheshwar-

Facing the river, Narmada retreat is beyond customary services. Tents and cottages that are beautifully laid out embark upon high-end luxury stay. Do sit beside the river and relish the calm.

Jhira Bagh Palace, Mandu-

More than a century old, the speciality of this place is that it will take you to the bygones, with a pinch of world class amenities. It’s a unique heritage hotel with regal facilities.

Radisson Blu Hotel Indore-

Perched at an overwhelming height; Radisson Blu should better be known as the one that serves eateries from around the globe. Ask for anything and they’ll have it at your service.

Narmada Resort, Omkareshwar-

Located on some distance from the temple to provide a placid environment, Narmada Resort is best known for its location, services and warm hospitality. Get ready for a breath-taking view from the balcony.

Sayaji Hotel, Indore-

One can’t even begin to talk about the diversity of food in this hotel. Home to the celebrity corner, Sayaji is Indore’s hottest spot with all the big faces coming in. You’d love to love it.

Fortune Landmark, Indore-

Fortune takes the exquisiteness of courtesy to another level with its highly proficient services. Besides, here you’ll have some of the most distinctive dishes in time.

Shipra Residency, Ujjain-

Rumour has it that Shipra is sort of the ideal destination to stay- delicious food, overwhelmingly helpful staff, spacious room, clean environment and great view. What else do you want?

Red Maple, Indore –

Somewhere amidst the hills you have a humongous swimming pool, huge grassland, bird’s eye view of the city and finger licking good food- yes, that’s Red Maple for you. It’s a complete experience.

Malwa resort, Mandu-

Mandu is Madhya Pradesh’s most prized possession and this resort is a rich rolling through the way. The kingly feeling comes along with the ambience, service and food. Hallelujah!

Chokhi Dhani, Rau-

What differentiates this place from its alike around India is the combination of contemporary and classic. Somewhere between a village-like setting, you’ll have rooms adorned with world class amenities.