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Top 11 Rare And Offbeat Places For All The Explores

Dargah-e-Hakimi, Burhanpur –

A man of literature and a connoisseur of art- Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin’s remains are buried in this Dargah.  It’s a state-of-the-art sparkling white grandeur which is visited by spectators around the globe.

Asirgarh Fort, Burhanpur-

During the course of Mughal era, it was believed that the Deccan started from here, that’s the amount of significance it entails. This fort will remaind you the relics and rustic life of Mughals.

Mumtaz Mahal’s Tomb, Burhanpur-

The Taj Mahal famed Mumtaz who’s legacy is not ceasing to inspire also has Mumtaz Mahal Tomb to her name, the place we’d rather call as her first home after death. Here exists a garden where she was initially buried here and later shifted to The Taj.

Bagh Caves-

A rather amusing masterpiece of Indian rock-cut-agriculture, Bagh Caves have a different story to tell. However, out of nine caves only five have survived. The best of it, its paintings have been safely moved to Gwalior from the fear of abolishment.

Mamleshwar Temple, Omkareshwar-

Third Jyotirlinga and another jewel attached to Omkareshwar, Mamleshwar is an architectural chef-d’oeuvre.  The big hall and sanctum are the main highlights. The walls still haven’t lost the glory and are waiting to take you back in history.

Chef’s Alcove, near Red Maple Indore-

Let’s not begin with the scrumptiousness of food here, because Chef’s special menu will definitely mesmerize you. What a stand-out place in regard with the ambiance; wooden furniture, marvellous continental food and lip smacking beverages.

Gomti Kund, Ujjain-

Majorly used as source of water for several years, Gomti Kund is heaven during monsoons. After a delightful expedition of stairs, one can watch the kund, located in the vast vicinity of Sandipani Ashram.

Krishnapuri Chhatris, Indore-

Situated on the banks of Khan River stands dome shaped cenotaphs and pyramidal shrines are built on the burial sites of the Holkars. This is withholding the power, grandness and radiance of Holkars since ages.

Bada Ganpati, Indore-

Bada Ganpati, as the name suggests is one of biggest Ganpati Statue in the world. It is said to be the hinderer of all obstacles. The frame is built of precious metals including peculiar combinations like jiggery, mud and bricks.

Bijasan Tekri, Dewas-

Perched atop the hill, this temple attracts visitors not only because it is highly regarded in terms of believability, but also because it has legacy attached to its shrines.

Jam Darwaza-

Few km from Mhow, this darwaza bears strategic significance for both- Malwa and Nimar region. Behind this gate lies the plains of Nimar and therefore, it is more than a beautiful pass.