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Bringing forth a vast cultural heritage from its royal past, the city of Shivpuri welcomes you with its Natural Springs and Splendid Cenotaphs.

About The Locals: As ancient as the land itself, People of Shivpuri contribute to fine Iron Crafts. From the furnaces of Shivpuri comes the most fascinating Art Form of Madhya Pradesh.

Sightseeing: Well known as the Summer Capital of Scindia Dynasty, Shivpuri has something for everyone. If you are into Architecture or Heritage then Scindia Cenotaphs are meant for you, but if you’d rather go out and about then Bhura Kho is a picnic spot with natural springs. So Rejoice and rejuvenate. You could also visit Bhadaiya Kund and Narwar Fort if you have more time on your hands.

Places to stay

Travel back to the medieval era with Madhya Pradesh Tourism’s Tourist Village (1.1km from Shivpuri) and experience a comfortable stay or try the old world charm of Hotel Son Chiraiya (1.9 km from Shivpuri). Both these accommodations are absolute value for money.

Places to Eat

Shivpuri is great for a day trip; therefore it is advisable to take your meals before or after visiting. You could also eat at Tourist village or the same place you’re staying at.

Travel tips

The best time to visit Shivpuri is from October to March.

 Shivpuri is well connected by Trains and Buses, though the nearest Airport is at Gwalior (100 km). Do bring along a camera to capture all the fascinating heritage Shivpuri serves you.

Tourist Information Centre:


Railway Station, Jhansi
Tel: 0510-2442622
E-mail: tojhansi@mptourism.com