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Panna is a sparkling city, due to its popular diamond mines and is very calm and serene with evergreen trees, hills, and forests. Apart from being famous for its temples striking a fine blend of Hindu and Muslim architecture, Panna is also a sanctuary for rare wild life.

About the locals: Panna is city of joy and beautiful people making it comfortable for anybody to spend an amazing time in this sparkling city.

Sightseeing: The main attraction in the city is The Tiger Reserve including creatures like tiger, leopard, Chowsingha, Sloth bear and more than 200 species of birds etc. Making Panna what it is, the Diamond mines of Panna are surely not to be missed. Along with these a tourist would also enjoy the rare architecture of ancient temples like Mahamati Prannathji Temple, Badi Devi Temple, and Jugal Kishoreji Temple etc. Also, for a little natural environment relaxation, one could check out falls like Pandava Fall, Kamasan Fall, Raneh Fall etc.

Places to stay

If you are looking for the most warm staff greetings, the most luxurious room to stay in and the most delicious food, your destination is Pashan garh (Speciality Lodging in Panna) whereas if you are looking for a touch of thrill in your stay, then check out Jungle camp.

Places to Eat

Not taking any risks with the roadside eateries, it is suggested that you eat wherever you are staying. If you are still looking for an option then you could try
Maharaja Cafe & Restaurant in Khajurao, near Panna.

Travel tips


The best time to visit Panna would be between October and June.

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