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With an answer to all your historical and artistic pursuits, Orchha is a historically royal village lying on the banks of River Betwa at 150kms from Gwalior.

About the Locals: With their laid back and Hassle-free lifestyle citizens here keep themselves engaged into the service sector, Craftsmanship and the tourism Industry. People here are welcoming and mellow in attitude.

Sightseeing: Ram Raja Temple, Jahangir Mahal and The Cenotaphs of Orchha with their lively and intricate architecture should be the top places on your list.

Places to stay

Hotel Sheesh Mahal (3 star), Betwa retreat (Mp Tourism), Hotel Sunrise (Budget) are one of the best places that offer excellent services for you to relax and recharge yourselves!

Places to Eat

Some great places for you to calm those pangs of hunger are Open Sky Restaurant, Krishna Palace Rooftop Restaurant, Betwa Tarang and Turquoise Diner.

Travel tips

There are no buses between Orchha and Khajuraho. You need to go to Jhansi first then catch a bus (six hours, 6am to 2pm) from there as Jhansi–Khajuraho buses tend not to stop for you if you wait on the side of the highway. Taxis to Khajuraho cost at least Rs2300.

The best time to visit  Orchha is from October to April.

Tourist Information Centre:

Railway Station, Jhansi
Tel: 0510-2442622
E-mail: tojhansi@mptourism.com