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Apart from the hyped location Kanha National Park in Mandla district, the place has a lot more to offer. Often avoided, Mandla has beautiful ghats on the banks of much worshipped Narmada. It also had palaces and forts of Gond dynasty, which are now ruined.

About the locals: The locals are really simple people and often enjoy tomato farming as a hobby.

Sightseeing: Providing you the magnificent wilderness of Kanha Tiger Reserve, the 40 million year old fossils at Mandla Plant Fossils National Park, natural but looking perfectly cut black rocks of Kala pahad, the beautiful walk towards Sahasradhara Temple, the three storied rectangular masterpiece of mugal architecture built for Chimney Rani at Begum Mahal, Mandla gives you various options to choose from.

Places to stay

Some of the descent options for your stay at Mandla would be Wild Chalet Resort, right at the banks of Banjar river and Tourist motel with rooms opening to the jungle. You could also see The Sanjay Tiger Resort as an option.

Places to Eat

Eat where you are staying as the outside eateries cannot really be trusted.

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