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Madhav National Park

Surround yourself with forested hills and lush grasslands which are home to Antelopes, Leopards, Chital, Crocodiles and many more interesting species of the wild. A perfect blend of Architectural and Natural brilliance, the abundant Flora and Fauna of Madhav National park awaits you.

About The Locals: The locals at Madhav national park are all for protecting their natural resources and the amazing fauna that they’ve been blessed with.

Sightseeing: Gear up for a thrilling Crocodile safari at Sakhya Sagar Lake or go Bird Watching at the nearby Boat Club. Find a natural heaven of your own in the middle of the forest at Tunda Barkha Falls. Experience sun kissed evenings at George Castle while admiring the breathtaking view from the highest point.

Places to stay

Nestled right beside the forest is Madhya Pradesh tourism’s Tourist Village, relish the cozy stay with a backdrop of the wild calls. (Budget)

Places to Eat

Feed your Wild hunger with the sumptuous cuisine at Tourist Village. If you need to snack up while visiting the park the Boat Club guest house is a good option.

Travel tips

Though it is open round the year, the Best Time to visit Madhav National Park would be from October to March. Winter is the best time to watch migratory birds at Sakhya Sagar.

The park is open from sunrise to sunset.

Tourist Information centre:

Tansen Residency
6, Ghandi road, Gwalior
Tel: 0751-2234557, 4056726
Fax: 0751- 2340371, E-mail: gwalior@mptourism.com

Tourist Office
Railway Station, Gwalior
Tel: 0751-4040777, E-mail: togwalior@mptourism.com