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Top 10 Rare And Offbeat Places For All The Explorers

Pisanhari Ki Madiya –

The temple’s history goes back to the time of its formation, where an old lady took a plethora of hardships to build this site. Offering a view of dotted trails of temples from atop the hill, it isn’t just the journey but the destination that awaits the bliss.

Monsoon Forest –

Reciting a fairytale verbosely, Monsoon Forest will wax your love for life. With distinctive yoga sessions, meditation, pool activities and a lot more, it revitalizes your mind and soul. This will be quite an expedition for your heart and mind.

Treehouse Hideaway, Bandhavgarh –

Remember when you were a kid and you wanted your own treehouse? Well, you have it now, in the middle of a jungle here it is, an extravagant gateway with scrumptious food and world class amenities.

Muba at Mukki, Kanha-

Amidst the lush beguiling green Sal trees and the Kanha Maikal hills, lays the resort of Muba at Mukki. In the middle of a jungle, celebrate a life one could only dream of. Close to many reservoirs which slake the needs of all animals, this resort has a unique aura.

Kipling Camp, Kanha-

This literally is on the edge of the Kanha, thus recapitulates the entire journey for holidaymakers. The highlight of the camp is Tara, the elephant who remains at your service almost always. Kipling is a high-end luxury resort camouflaged as a camp.

Shergarh Tented Camp, Kanha-

Staying at the Shergarh means living amongst the flora and fauna; you wouldn’t have to go anywhere to enjoy what a jungle is. Emancipated from the world, you’ll find kingfisher, cormorants and the seasonal breeding of unaccountable egrets. Every sight is worth a thousand words.

Flame of the Forest Safari Lodge, Kanha-

As magical as it could get, Flame of the Forest that proposes conspicuous wildlife opportunities. Bridging the gap between reality and obscurity, the lodge is set to offer a once in a lifetime sort of experience. Overlooking the Banja River, it has everything that a typically mystic gateway needs.

Baghvan Taj Wilderness Lodge, Pench-

The regalness of a royal land would shy away looking at this majestic service of Baghvan Lodge. The cottages are well kept and equipped with world class amenities. Well, how it looks like a wooden carved dream.

Village Machaan, Pench-

You just don’t stay here, you live your life. Bird sighting within the premises, jungle safari, night safari in the buffer zone, and nature’s endless bounty will put you on the threshold of adventure. With an amicable balance of luxury and natural delight, holidays at Village Machaan becomes a spectacle to narrate.

Jungle Mantra, Bandhavgarh –

Your personal hideaway, JungleMantra will put you on the privileged note every now and then. Starting from feasting in the Veranda to touring the park with their assistance, JungleMantra will win you at every step.  Furthermore, unlike any other resort, one can see the camaraderie of flora and fauna within the premises.