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5 Offbeat Food Joints And Roadside Eateries

Clock Tower-

This place definitely can defy the repute any Chinese restaurant in town when it comes to the scrumptiousness of food; dare not miss this place, if you wish to have a lip-smacking experience of Chinese food.

Tower Chowk-

Touted as Jabalpur’s favorite place to gorge, Tower Chowk will take you back to those days of authentic food hunting experiences at a price you cannot say no to. Food is served fresh, good with piping hot stuff to add to your greediness.

Chowpatti at Civic centre-

Just like Pokémon “You gotta have them all”; Dosa, Chinese, Chaat, Tea- the list goes on. Almost everything that this place serves is worth catching a bite; in the wake of your voracious soul.


Did you know that the kind of Aloo Tikkis that you’ll get here comes diving into thick layers of spices which will put your taste buds on a roll? Did you know that you tasting them are the way to happiness? No? Try yourself.

70 MM Dining-

Ever loved Bollywood so much so that you’d have glistening posters of stars on your wall? No? Well, 70 MM did. Shining, glossy and humongous posters of celebrities on the wall & some ear-drumming music from their movies are served along with the lip-smacking food. Wanna join?